How To Achieve A Stronger Dead lift

Getting a stronger deadlift is the ultimate symbol of strength! You know how it is: The bro’s ask, “how much you bench bro?”. Real men ask, “So how much you deadlift?”. Because real men know that how much **** you can pick up off the floor is the ultimate measure of strength for any man or women!

So here are 4 tips for getting a stronger deadlift. I guarantee if you aren’t following these already, you can see a 20-40 pound increase on your deadlift by just implementing better form. Deadlift is one of those lifts that have a lot more to do with leverage than any other movement.

Improving your form can dramatically increase the amount of weight you can pick up, while also reducing the risk of injury. So let’s show your gym Bro’s what it means to be a man!

First Step Of Dead Lifting

The first thing is to realize that there are two different types of deadlifting. The first is the regular shoulder width feet apart conventional deadlift.

The second is the Sumo Deadlift. Everyone has a different body style, and depending on your preferences you can increase your deadlift by 10% just by switching to the one that is more comfortable for you.

For instance, I am a shorter guy with short legs, so sumo deadlifts allow me to lift a higher weight. Mostly if you're short and stocky, try the sumo deadlift!

If you’re taller and lanky, conventional might work better for you. Those of you in the middle or either way try both to get the best feeling.

Step 2 Of DeadLifting

I’m assuming that at this point you went to the gym and tried both methods and ran back to the computer to see what to do next, right? NO!?!? Bookmark this page and try it!

Okay, now that you’re back, let’s talk about grip. So most of you probably either use straps or a mixed grip. Now I got news for you. Do you want those bulging forearms that jut out in a t-shirt, right? Well, I suggest an overhand grip. Yes, a double overhand grip.

Yea, yea, yea I know that you can’t lift as much because your grip gives out first. That's why you have to strengthen it! If you haven’t heard, Olympic lifters use the hook grip. That tells you something.

So use a double overhand throughout your warm-up until you can’t anymore, and then switch to a hook or mixed grip.

Step #3

Now this one isn’t an instant gain in strength, but it’s a great one for everything in general. It’s called mobility. This shouldn’t take too long to see physical results as well. Mobility is essentially a combination of agility, balance, and flexibility.

You will always be flexible if you have good mobility. But good flexibility doesn't equal good mobility. You have to stretch consistently and do certain movements but I will get into it at another time. Here is a great link to learn more about mobility to increase deadlifts.

Final Step Of Deadlifting

Practice, Practice, and Practice!

The only way to improve your deadlift quickly is to practice it! The more practice you have, the more weight you will lift. Here's the thing though, you have to practice smart. I’m sure by now you have read all there is to get proper form. You read on how to keep your back neutral, keep your chest up, and lock your knees out in one motion with your hips. You also probably know to keep your knees out, and to thrust hard throughout the entire action and not lean back to far. (This makes your back extended).

So to practice smart, consider filming your deadlift as this will give you great ideas on what to improve. Another smart thing to do is have a friend watch your movement and hear what they have to say. Do Romanian deadlifts if you know that your lower back is the weakness. Do leg press to work out quads, bent over rows for upper back strength. You get the idea.

If you want to work on getting that respectable deadlift poundage, consider working on these four steps to improve form, practice, and correct style for your body type. I guarantee that some of these will instantly increase your deadlift, and the others will make you get stronger at a more optimal rate. Don’t be a Bro, and blossom into a man! (Or be both)

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