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In this Alli review, you will find all you need to know about this popular fat binder. If Alli (Orlistat) is something you are thinking of using then we suggest fully reading this Alli review because it provides some IMPORTANT information.

Alli is a fat binder type diet pill, as long as your EATING FAT then this could be a solid option. But, if you are dieting and eating reduced fat foods then we would suggest another brand of diet pill.

Alli Fat Binder Alternatives:

  1. Proactol XS – Read our full review

What Is Alli?

Alli is a fat binder type supplement. In other words, the ingredients used in Alli bind or get stuck to fat molecules in your stomach. The fat molecules are then passed through the digestive system instead of being absorbed. Therefore, preventing the body from absorbing fat, the densest source of calories.

  • Only for dieters who are 18 or over
  • Claims to expel 50% of consumed fat
  • Only FDA approved Fat Binder
  • Each capsule contains 60 mg
  • Do not consume more than 3 pills in any one day!

Fat Binder – WARNING!

Those who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease should consult a doctor before using this diet pill. There could be times where the bowel movement could slow down and could even lead to severe constipation. When using fat binders make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day!

Because Alli is a strong fat binder we would advise any users to check with your doctor before use!

Alli Full Ingredients List

The main ingredient in Alli is Orlistat which has been widely used for weight loss since the early 1970’s. Orlistat is one of the only ingredients to be approved for weight loss by the FDA. Xenical is also one of the most frequently used ingredient after phentermine.

Alli Side Effects

Some ingredients within this list come with severe warnings because of a high rate of side effects. This is very worrying because they can cause long-lasting liver and digestive issues. But that’s not all! Alli has been featured in many user reviews to cause a long list of issues, such as:

  • Constipation, loose stools, and diarrhea.
  • Headaches, dizziness, and blurred vision.
  • Prolonged stomach pains and cramps.
  • Urine can contain blood.
  • Instant urges to pass wind and poo.

Alli Dosage And Directions For Use

Alli has to be taken in the form of a tablet. Two to three tablets should be taken after a meal. It should take around seven weeks before results start to show!

It would be advisable to also have a look at the kind of food you eat when taking this product. I can’t stress this enough, without the right diet and exercise plan, nothing will work!


  • Available in most health orientated stores.
  • Can be prescribed by a doctor as Xenical
  • The only FDA approved fat binder.


  • May take some time to take effect and therefore patience and perseverance are required.
  • Could lead to temporary slowing down of bowel movement and constipation.
  • It is suggested that users drink plenty of water when consuming the product.
  • Side effects are a big concern among users and professionals.

Customer Reviews

After using Alli for 4 months I have finally come to the conclusion that this diet pill is not right for me! This because I have not lost the amount of weight I wanted too. But more importantly I have recently been suffering from IBS and assume these pills have something to do with it.

Avoid Alli like the plague, it causes dangerous long lasting side effects. My experience started a few months ago and have not yet fully recovered because of this dangerous product. Everything started well and I was loosing some weight. After a few weeks of use I could not go to the toilet for around 5 days and was prescribed lacatives.

Falling Short Of Expectations

Alli reviews pointed out that it does actually work, the exceptionally high price and the severe side effects. The fact that ‘Alli reviews’ which are positive are mostly found on affiliated websites. Therefore, making it harder to believe that this is a product that has been successful to the people who have invested their time trying this fat binder.

  • Offer – Fat binder
  • History & Sales – 10 years
  • Health Issues – Many side effects reported
  • Customer Reviews – 33% positive
  • Money Back Offer – 30 days after purchase
  • Price Of Product – $28.99
  • Delivery Options – Worldwide

Final Review Of Alli

After going over hundreds of Alli reviews, customer side effects and professional analysis of this controversial fat binder. We have come to the conclusion that Alli does work, but at what cost?

Because there are so many COMMON side effects being reported through Alli reviews, we suggest our readers avoid using Alli because of this!

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Extended FAQ’s

Q. Should I use a fat binding supplement?

Yes, fat binders are a good option if you consume fatty foods and are overweight. If you only want to lose a small amount of weight, we would suggest a diet pill from our list of top rated.

Q. What diet plan would you reccomend with Alli diet pills?

A diet plan is a must when using Alli, we have listed many of the most preferred and successful diet plans here.

Q. Is Xenical and Alli the same product?

Yes, Alli and Xenical are the same product, what makes them different is Xenical is double the dosage of Alli. Because of this, Xenical can only be prescribed by a doctor or health professional.

Q. Will I experience side effects using Alli?

Yes, most users experience side effects when using Alli or Xenical. Alli reviews reveal users suffer from severe and minor health issues.

Q. Can you reccomend an alternative to Alli?

Yes, we recommend Proactol XS as a better alternative to Alli diet pills. You can read more here about Proactol XS in our full review.


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