Battle Ready Fuel Reviews: Get The Facts On Bundles & Nutritional Support!

The Battle Ready Fuel Review
The Battle Ready Fuel Review

Battle Ready Fuel has hit the sports performance market with a bang! It targets both male/female, new and old, novice & experienced users. If you’re looking to bulk, cut or perform better, then Battle Ready Fuel claims to be the perfect match for you!

Battle Ready Fuel has hit the sports performance market with a bang! It targets both male/female, new and old, novice & experienced users. If you’re looking to bulk, cut or perform better, then Battle Ready Fuel claims to be the perfect match for you!

Are you interested in using the Battle Ready Fuel products? Or gain access to SAS experts? Then, this Battle Ready Fuel review will reveal to you just what to expect if you decide to buy their products and join their fitness programs.

  • An in-depth analysis of their formulas and programs
  • The recipes: Ingredients & scientific evidence explained
  • Health issues: Are they safe? or will they cause health risks

These are just some of the problems we will be analyzing in this full Battle Ready Fuel review. Like all reviews on Body Bros, we list external sources, user reviews, general feedback & finally our conclusion of this all-in-one fitness brand!

Who Are Battle Ready Fuel?

Created by a SAS trained veteran called “Ollie Ollerton” featured here in The Sun newspaper who wanted to create something with a bit more of a kick! Ollie will help you succeed not just by using his products but also through fitness routines & motivation he has perfected over the years! He shares his extensive experience through mentoring videos and articles featured on the BRF website!

So, What Are These products?

Battle Ready Fuel Stocks 13 special supplements formulated with NO-FILLERS, which is always a good start! They target every aspect of sports performance from pre-workouts, bulkers to fish oils! If you want to maximize a bulk or cut then, they have pre-selected bundles that target a specific phase of training!

Here is the list of products and what they are designed to achieve:



We all know the science behind using creatine is highly favorable, with many papers revealing the benefits for sports enthusiasts! The Creatine formula provided by Battle Force Rady is just that! Pure creatine!


Branched-chain amino acids are another essential ingredient for gains, performance, and growth. Because our bodies need proteins and by taking extra BCAA’S is proven to improve a wide variety of positives for bodybuilders and sports enthusiasts!

Vegan Protein

It’s about time a company produced an excellent plant-based protein mix for vegans. We all know its hard to get enough protein if you’re a vegan. Battle Ready Fuel have formulated a concentration of proteins that include pea & hemp delivering 25.5 grams with every dose!

Sleep Aid

We all know that getting your head down is very important for HGH – human growth hormone levels. Especially after an intense workout because our bodies repair 100x more when we are sleeping. If you’re not getting those 8.9+ hours, then your gains/cuts will suffer! Their sleep aid is designed to encourage you to fall asleep quicker & longer!

Liquid Collagen

Is normally mixed in with supplements to help lifters, runners, and sports enthusiasts protect their joints. If you’re moving for longer periods or lifting heavy weights, then this is a must for better bone and joint health. Because liquid collagen has been proven to help reduce joint pain and reduce the effect of strain injuries, this is a must for anyone serious about fitness!

Super Greens

The superfood race is on! Packed full of dietary fibers, greens, and grasses that are proven to cleanse your body. But, also provides your body with superior vitamins & minerals to keep you at peak performance. With many ingredients packed into a single scoop of Super Greens, your body will receive higher levels of energy for better growth and overall performance!

Fish Oil

We have all heard the benefits of omega-3 fish oil in the news and on the TV. So its no wonder why Battle Ready Fuel have decided to stock their very own supply of this beneficial oil. To recap about the benefits of using fish oil:

  • Brain function
  • Bone/joint health
  • Improves cells in brain & body

Mixed with the recommended amount of both EPA & DHA, with added vitamin E because it keeps the fish oil fresh and healthy!

Nootropics Stack

Because the Battle Ready Fuel creator believes in both body and mind when exercising, they have included their very own version of nootropics. Yes, there are many nootropic supplements on the web, claiming all sorts of cognitive abilities! But, the Battle Ready Fuel version is simple. It provides a wide variety of scientifically proven ingredients all beneficial to focus, cognitive skills & a reduction in stress!

Whey Protein

The whey protein formula delivers a whopping 28 grams of proteins with each serving, their isolate protein powder packs a punch! One of the essential ingredients is protein for muscle growth, energy, and performance!

Fat Burner

The Battle Ready Fuel fat burner provides a variety of ingredients designed to encourage better levels of weight loss. If your cutting or shedding some weight then this would be the perfect formula for you! But, with so many fat burners on the market what makes their version any better? Their fat burner provides a wide variety of fruit extracts that encourage better:

  • Metabolic rate
  • Energy levels
  • Balance blood sugars
  • Stop fat stores

Pre-Workout Fat Burner

Their Pre-workout fat burners work very similar to their standard fat-burner but with a twist. It instantly ups your energy much like a conventional pre-workout agent.

Adding the benefits of both products gives you a much more intense workout rate because it speeds your metabolic rate at the same time! Because there are not many pre-workout/fat burners on the market makes this a unique idea that seems to receive positive results!


If you’re looking to bulk and not shed weight but turn it into muscle, then the pre-workout option would be for you! It gives you all the benefits of a standard pre-workout but with added benefits by using the patented formula called: Clarinol. Clarinol is an exciting mix that is backed by scientific research for more intense workouts every time!

Battle Ready Fuel Bundles


Above are the single supplements provided by Battle Ready Fuel, they target all the needs of bodybuilder or fitness enthusiasts. But, Battle Ready Fuel has gone one further and mixed these into bundles for a far better performance rate! If you want to bulk, cut and perform at another level altogether, then they recommend you use their bundle packages. With each bundle put into different groups designed for both male and female users.

Here are the bundles provided and what you can expect to receive if used:

  • Female 30-Day Bundle – x 6 supplements for energy, leaner muscle, focus & fat burn!
  • Male 30-Day Bundle – x 6 supplements for focus, fat burn & extend workout rate!
  • Mind, Body and Nutrition Bundle – boost motivation, energy, focus & endurance!
  • Diet and Weight Loss Bundle- fat burn, energy, improve metabolic rate!
  • Ultimate Health Bundle – improves the immune system, reduces inflammation and promotes health!
  • Build Muscle and Mass Bundle – Build muscle mass, stamina, strength, and endurance!
  • Performance Bundle – Better energy, stamina, focus and workout rate!
  • Mind Bundle – improve cognitive ability, focus, and drive!

Yes, there is a lot of individual supplements included on the Battle Ready Fuel website. Their bundles are popular among users and enjoy a high reorder rate which is very positive. If your serious about fitness, losing weight or building rock hard muscle then their bundles are the way to go!
Female 30 Day BundleFemale 30 Day Bundle

The Battle Ready Fuel Stack
The Battle Ready Fuel Stack

Added Community Benefits

What Battle Ready Fuel is excelling at is their coaching program, designed by Ollie Ollerton to up your game and get the most out of your body! You receive inspiration, training techniques and other benefits not gained elsewhere. Battle Ready Fuel’s coaching programs is a new unique system that’s receiving a lot of attention because of the people who are taking part. Here are a few benefits that users can receive when undertaking their programs:

  • Nutrition advise and daily recipes from the expert nutritionist called: Holly Brown
  • Qualified fitness & mindset coaching from David Tilston
  • Ollie Ollerton reveals his expert training and techniques gained from over many years in the SAS

But, that’s not all on offer you will have access to secret Facebook communities with other like-minded users wanting to improve their bodies, build muscle and get fit, just like you!

  • Daily nutrition information for your goals
  • Video workouts sent weekly you can follow
  • Massive library of exercises, techniques, and inspiration

You will receive data from a trained expert that shares all! You select your goals bulking, cutting, fitness and you have a tailored made plan helping you succeed!


The Battle Ready Fuel brand is one of the most honest on the market! They have gone one above most brands by supplying volumes and listing every part mixed into their formulas. But, after looking through the recipes, we are happy to say that they are:

  • Natural
  • Backed by science
  • Safe to consume
  • Unique to Battle Ready Fuel

By using patented formulas such as Clarinol & Capsimax, they have very carefully chosen their ingredients well & seem to know what works! With most ingredients being plant-based we have no issue with any severe health consequences that may occur through the use of their products.

Side Effects

Like all supplements especially BUNDLES listed above, you have to keep an eye out for any side effects. Because you are using a wide variety of ingredients that will change how your body works, side effects may occur. These are generally digestive issues such as constipation, aches, and pains. If you keep to the dosage and follow the instructions provided by Battle Ready Fuel, then all should OK!

  • Effects – Cutting, Bulking, Strength & General Fitness
  • Sales History – 1+ years
  • Ingredient Types – Natural
  • Side Effects – Mild digestive pain
  • Customer Opinion – 71% positive
  • Money Back Guarantee – 60 days
  • Single Price Range – $29.99 – 49.99
  • Bundle Price Range – $134.99 – 249.99
  • Available For Delivery – International delivery



  • If you are taking medication, please seek a second professional opinion before use
  • Never take more than advised because of unforeseen side effects


  • Receive expert food plans
  • Scientifically proven formulas
  • Improve your body & mindset
  • Training videos targetting bulking/cutting phases
  • Receive training from SAS experts
  • Join the secret community!


  • Online purchases only
  • Bundles can be pricey


What do we think of the Battle Ready Fuel has to offer? Our expert supplement opinion is “good”! We believe the Battle Ready Fuel brand is honest and reliable. They have done their homework and used some of the most scientifically researched ingredients around! Yes, there is a high price tag on bundles, but you get what you pay for, and Battle Ready Fuel is at the top of the game!

The Coaching Program

Having access to a professional and experienced fitness coach & nutritionist is key to success no matter what your goals are! But more important is the access you receive to a professional all-round fitness guru like Ollie Ollerton who spent most of his adult life training!

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