BioMuscle XR Review – Claims Of Improved Muscle Growth

For many years now, fitness supplements and programs have been on the market. Every product always offers to provide you with the ‘best possible fitness solution’ or something similar. Unfortunately, the market is utterly jam-packed with less than honest offerings that, if we are truthful, offer nothing like the kind of help and assistance that we need when it comes to getting into shape.

One product that is on the market at the moment, with some pretty severe public interest, is BioMuscle XR. This product is known to deliver a ‘scientifically advanced’ nutritional supplement. How good though, is it really?

Our BioMuscle XR review will be looking into all aspects of this men’s fitness supplement and it’s claimed effects on your body. We review all third party websites, ingredients and reveal to you any medical proof before we reveal to you our opinion of BioMuscle!

About BioMuscle XR

The program itself is supposed to help people change the way that their bodies look and feel. Some of the effects that you are supposed to get when it comes to using BioMuscle XR include:

  1. The chance to enhance the speed needed to get yourself into a ripped, muscular and naturally attractive shape.
  2. The ability to reduce body fat, promote positive muscle growth and also accelerate your overall power and strength in the right manner.
  3. Give yourself a sense of natural energy as well as help to re-define muscles and make yourself more confident. This can take a lot of work and commitment, so BioMuscle XR is rated by many for this reason alone.
  4. Can help to boost leg and chest power giving you the chance to do more in less time than usual. It also helps to support positive body recovery and delay the onset of fatigue in muscles when we are working out.

This might all sound great, of course, but how do they actually go about proving that it works? Well, it’s loaded with three major ingredients; the BioMuscle XR Proprietary Blend, L-Citrulline and Dipotassium Phosphate. Together, this creates a healthy concoction of ingredients that could be a solution for you. However, is it?

Is BioMuscle XR For Real?

The main issue with BioMuscle XR is finding any kind of clinical success is, well, impossible. There’s no signs out there that this product does exactly what it says on the tin. However, each of the ingredients included inside has been tested clinically in the past. What did that show?

L-arginine is one of the primary ingredients in their ‘Proprietary Blend’ and it is shown to have positive effects on the body. This is because it can help to widen arteries, improving blood flow which is going to reduce chest and leg pain and even help to regulate blood pressure. Worrying, though, there is no ample evidence to show that this ingredient – or any of the others – can provide you with the same high-end performance boosts that are claimed by the company.

Worse still, l-citrulline – another one of their major ingredients – has the same scant levels of evidence existing around it. At the moment, it’s really hard to say with any kind of certainty that this product provides anything like the benefits claimed on the box.

Also, we’re supposed to take around 20g of l-citrulline per day. It’s mixed into this massive blend, though, so there is nothing whatsoever to say that you are getting the blend you need with every scoop of product you take.

Customer Approval for BioMuscle XR

Another worrying fact here is that BioMuscle XR claims to have been used by professional athletes. They also claim that is’ been seen on major news sites being promoted, such as CNN, Men’s Health and MSNBC. We looked around and could find NONE of these links they suggested. In fact, we couldn’t even find it as a third-party, non-sponsored advert. At the moment, there is no evidence on show that any professionals use this, nor that it is endorsed by any major outlet.

That’s quite a worrying start for anyone considering giving this stuff a go. All of the claims being made on the tin and on the site just don’t add up. Also, the lack of customer reviews online makes it a little hard to actually believe in the product and its veracity. It’s hard to understand what reviews can be constituted as real given so many reviews today are built on the back of third-party information, but even then we couldn’t find any kind of review that felt credible about this being successful.

Final Review Of BioMuscle XR

So, with this in mind…we’d have to say you should be doing everything you can to find an alternative to this. We don’t want to blast the product, but there is just not enough genuine, scientific proof that BioMuscle XR does anything like the job that it says it should.

If you are looking for a supplement to try out, this might not be the one for you. At the very least, we would recommend waiting to see what kind of changes will be implemented in the long-term. If more information appears to show that BioMuscle XR might be worth your time, we’ll be sure to let you know!

BioMuscle XR Review

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