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Considering all the supplements available today, finding the right one that not only enhances your strength to work out more, but gives you the right amount of mass gain required is very difficult to find. When things seem to go wrong with a workout routine, it is better to focus on your strengths than your weaknesses. The rest will be taken care of by the supplement and diet plan you choose to use.

Among the barrage of supplements claiming to give you the best workout results is a supplier called Black Wolf. Black Wolf’s product range has specific packs for both men and women. Black Wolf offers different packs called the Black Wolf Hunter for men and the Huntress for women. There are three different packs in each category that offer full workout enhancement.

  • Suitable for both male and female bodybuilders
  • Powdered formula that is taken before, during and after workouts
  • Designed to enhance energy, muscle growth and stamina levels

Our Black Wolf Review will be looking into each individual set of packs and revealing to you the results we find!

Black Wolf Hunter Pack – For Men!

The primary supplement for the hunter pack is the Track supplement that is specifically designed for men to enhance their endurance and increase strength levels so that you have the correct mindset and energy levels before you enter the gym.

  1. Track formula – Pre-workout for better focus, stamina and energy levels.
  2. Hunt formula – Helps you stay stronger for longer periods.
  3. Eliminate formula – After workout formula, designed to reduce recovery while enhancing growth.

The supplement is named Track because it is the initial step that a wolf takes in the hunting process. Similarly, Track is the initial supplement before you begin your workout. The mind needs to be sharp and ready for the heavy trial that will begin in the gym and that is what Black Wolf Track is specifically designed for.

Track uses 20 active ingredients which help the body increase the gains and accumulate as much muscle mass as you can from the following workout. The supplement alone will not be enough, it is very effective but requires regular workout with dedication to show its magic.

Black Wolf Huntress Pack – For Females

The high potency formula that is designed especially for women is the key to gaining muscle mass. The Black Wolf Trail is the all-in-one pre workout supplement that will prepare the body for the intense workout ahead.

  1. Trail formula – Pre workout for energy, focus and improved stamina
  2. Hunt formula – Intra formula for better endurance levels.
  3. Eliminate formula – After gym formula for better recovery and growth.

Just like Track, the team at Black Wolf creatively named the formula Trail because a wolf trails its prey before hunting and eliminating it. Black Wolf Trail has 20 active ingredients and has anti-oxidants which leave the user glowing after their intense work-out.

Trail is specifically designed for women not to lose their beautiful figure while burning and building. Before the work-out, Trail can help you get in the proper mindset to begin pumping iron. The formula allows you to be more active throughout your workout and not be fatigued halfway through.

How Does Black Wolf Work?
When considering a workout supplement, among the numerous factors you should look at, the very important and the first one is how the supplement works. In the case of Black Wolf, it is a complete pre-workout and after care formula because it:

  • Boosts protein synthesis, therefore improving muscle gain
  • Creatine monohydrate levels are improved after consuming one scoop
  • Improves muscle function while reducing fatigue while lifting
  • Increases nutrient absorption helping you make the mos of the Black Wolf formula

All these effects lead to better muscle growth and increase in stamina for future work outs. The reason that Black Wolf is so popular is because it won’t let you become fatigued during and after a workout. The Formula keeps you going and keeps you ready for the next day.

Black Wolf Hunt

This is the formula created by Black Wolf for both men and women. Black Wolf is to be taken during the workout for those intense sessions. The Black Wolf Hunt is the supplement created to give you the extra strength you need to take on those two last reps that make the difference in your gains.

It has been observed during workouts that there are a certain number of reps after which the body reaches its peak threshold. To increase that number of reps, Black Wolf Hunt is to be taken during lifting sessions.

The supplement is created to be taken with Black Wolf Track and Trail to increase the mid workout strength of both men and women.

Black Wolf Eliminate

As the name suggests, this is the final stage of the process where the prey has been caught and now it’s time to eliminate it to feast on it. This is the post workout supplement from the Black wolf supplements pack and like the Hunt; this can be taken by both men and women after their respective workouts.

Eliminate helps the muscles to repair faster which helps them grow faster. Before having your post work out meal, make sure to take Eliminate to increase the effects of protein absorption distribution around muscle tissue.

Side Effects Associated to Using Black Wolf

We have not experienced or discovered any type of side effects associated with the the Black Wolf supplements. If this does change then we will update this Black Wolf review reflecting our findings.

Our Final Review Of The Black Wolf Product Range

Having read Black wolf reviews, user feedback and investigated the ingredients used and their desired effects. We believe that Black Wolf offers a solid pre workout and post bodybuilding supplement range. Accommodated for both male and females bodybuilders Black Wolf have gone that extra mile when formulated and designing their brand of supplements.

Black Wolf Product Review

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