Bodybuilding Supplements Dangers And Side Effects

Training hard and having an organized workout schedule with a balanced diet plan should be the foundation of any bodybuilding plan. Next on your list should be a high-quality supplement which is essential for maximizing gains in muscle and achieving peak performance.

There is no question taking the right supplement or mix of supplements can significantly improve your bodybuilding results. However, just like any type of substance, supplements come with their own set of dangers that you should be aware of.

Dangers of Using Bodybuilding Supplements

Unrealistic Expectations

Pushing your limits and always striving to achieve maximum is certainly a good thing but it can go too far sometimes. Some supplement manufacturers make big claims and promote their products as basically miracle supplements that will turn anyone into a world-class bodybuilder.

What’s even worse is some give consumers the impression this can be done without many hours and many months of hard work in the gym. Having unrealistic expectations can lead you to become frustrated and lose focus.

If you have high expectations simply because you are using a certain bodybuilding supplement. This could lead to overtraining and cause serious damage to your body and reduce muscle growth.

Taking Too Many Supplements

Sometimes in life, we assume if a little is good then a lot would be great! While this thinking may be good when it comes to other activities. It is not good when applied to bodybuilding supplements.

However, some do apply this too supplements and it can bring a whole range of problems. Taking too much of a supplement can increase the levels of hormones or other elements in the body to dangerous amounts.

Not only does this hold your body back from efficiently building muscle but it can also have a whole range of other effects as well. Hair loss, acne, loss of energy, sleeplessness, stroke, heart attack and a long list of other side effects can be associated with overtaking supplements.

Bodybuilding Supplement Dangers

Bodybuilding supplements contain a wide range of ingredients depending on how a particular product is designed and what it is intended to help with. Many of the ingredients are all-natural and not dangerous in most cases.

  • stomach cramps & pain
  • Bloated and fatty liver
  • Kidney damage
  • Acidic Blood

However, just like any substance, a particular ingredient can pose a risk. This is because of an individual’s particular health situation or simply because it has a side effect that some people are sensitive to.

Protein Side Effects

Protein is essential for building muscles, but there have been studies that claim to take too much can cause health risks. These health risks range from the risk of osteoporosis and in some cases may make existing kidney problems deteriorate.

Increasing testosterone levels can result in incredible gains. But you have to be careful that you don’t venture into the danger zone with testosterone boosting. If the level of testosterone in your body is too high for too long it can lead to premature hair loss, prostate problems and even “man boobs”.

Creatine Side Effects

Creatine is widely known as a fantastic ingredient included in many bodybuilding supplements that can help you build muscles faster. The danger with creatine is it can lead to quickly becoming dehydrated. Severe cases of dehydration can be very dangerous so it’s important to remain hydrated at all times throughout the day.

Plant Extracts In Supplements

With a wide variety of plant extracts and other nutrients in supplements that generally do not pose a risk. However, if you have any allergies then some ingredients could be potentially dangerous to you.

IMPORTANT: Always check the label and research ingredients to ensure it is safe and will not trigger any allergies you have.

Not Knowing the Formula of a Supplement

Many supplement manufacturers are very secretive about the ingredients in their product and do not offer much information. Supplements are not closely monitored by the FDA or other authorities.

This makes it possible you may consume an ingredient that’s against the rules of performance-enhancing drugs. You should never take a supplement without being confident that you know the exact ingredient list. As it could pose a risk of failing a drug test or have negative health consequences and side effects.

Final Bodybuilding Supplements

Bodybuilding supplements come in many shapes and sizes with a wide variety of formulas. Many contain all-natural ingredients that are perfectly safe and offer great benefits that can help you take your training to new levels.

However, supplements that make claims which are too good to be true or avoid disclosing their ingredients can be dangerous. Always do your research and make sure you know exactly what you are taking. This should be checked and double checked before you start using it as a part of your overall workout plan.

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