Breast Is Best! Bodybuilders Have Started Drinking Breast Milk For Bigger Gains!

breast milk for bodybuilding

breast milk for bodybuilding

We have all heard the saying “breast is best,” but bodybuilders have been taking this to another level! Claiming that breast milk is best for bulking cycles and massive gains in muscle. Yes, drinking the good old nectar” breast milk” is better than any protein shake available!

  • Are these claims true?
  • What is the science behind breast milk?
  • Where can you get your supply?

These are just some of the questions we will answer on the latest bodybuilders craze for seeking breast milk! We will also be analyzing the scientific evidence behind the craze and revealing to our readers if we believe the breast is best?

Science Behind Breast Milk

Breast milk has many properties that may provide many positives for bodybuilders. These properties include:

  1. High protein levels
  2. Growth Hormones
  3. Antibodies

From the outside, it does sound promising for bodybuilders! But, some research suggests that there is more protein contained in a glass of cows milk compared to breast! Although this may seem disappointing to bodybuilders looking to use breast milk for personal gain. The growth hormones contained in this liquid may be the golden lining bodybuilders are searching for!

Growth hormones are the only benefits we can see that breast milk can provide! But, should grown men be drinking this stuff, not knowing who donated it. Maybe if you had a supply from your wife or a close friend then yes drinking breast milk is safe. But does it improve a bulking cycle?

Here are some research and warnings that you should read:


A Glass Of Breast Milk

Contained in one average glass of breast milk:

  1. 170 grams – kcal
  2. 10 grams – fat
  3. 2 grams – protein
  4. Growth hormones
  5. Vitamins & minerals

Bodybuilders Feedback

All over the internet bodybuilders are claiming to have used breast milk and gained more bulk and muscle growth! Here are a few users who have contacted us about their experiences with drinking real breast milk.

Jeff from the Uk has a supply of breast milk he drinks on a daily basis and claims to have achieved more gains from a 6-week cycle than ever before. He said:

My gains were better than anything curently on the market! I have been drinking breast milk for a few months now! On average I drink about a pint a day! My performance & muscle growth all performed at a considerable rate compared to my last bulking cycle! I have a supply I pay £15 a pint for who is a friend of my wifes, she has been selling this on facebook more considerably more!

But, that's not all: Pete Ackles from the US says:

Finding a supplier is hard because not every women wants to keep milking themselves! I have now started purchasing it on the web, there are a few websites and Facebook pages that provide it at a price. Which can be costly! I found it to offer me muscle growth and can become pretty addicitve because of the results I am receiving after drinking it!

The Unknown Supply

Some bodybuilders are buying this stuff online and not knowing who supplied the milk! With many mothers now selling their breast milk in online marketplaces, are they being screened? Because breast milk can contain many contaminants & bacterias that may harm your health! If you are going to be drinking breast milk, then we would advise users to be cautious about purchasing it from the web!

Baby Formula Milk

If you are looking for fat and high-calorie drinks, then formula milk could be the alternative for bodybuilders to use if they cannot find a safe supply of breast milk. Although formula does not contain the antibodies and hormones found in breast milk! Which is a disappointment for some because they want to drink hormones because of the muscle growth that it may or may not provide!

“I have personeelly used formula milk for my bulking cycles, many years ago. I found it pilled on the pounds especially if you use the follow on stuff! If your bulking then drinking this stuff will have an effect on a bulking cycle! It does not taste all that but it far safer from buying this stuff from the net!”

Mixed Messages

The science behind drinking breast milk is mixed! Some scientists and nutritionists claim that it has not benefited for bodybuilders, but others claim that the growth hormone contained in breast milk is essential not to overlook if you're looking to build muscle mass! Research and clinical trials are thin on this subject, but because of the latest spike in users going for breast milk, this may change!

Our opinion

If you can get a supply from someone you know well or even your wife, then try it! There is no harm in drinking breast milk and experimenting when bulking. Just make sure you know where and who is producing this stuff! Because many diseases can be transferred through breast milk and the warnings are an issue for us!

Do You Have A Story?

Have you been drinking milk from the breast for personal gain? We want to know your story so we can share with our readers. Submit your account here so we can share with other bodybuilders thinking about drink breast milk! Did you get bigger gains compared to your last bulking cycle?

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