How to Bulk Up Cleanly, Bulking Like A Pro!

Going on a bulk is easy. Actually, for most people, the bulk is where they enjoy their life and feel good. The problem is that sometimes going on a bulk can be too easy!

When it gets to be so easy, you can overreach which can lead to extra weight along the midsection, the worst kind of all.

When you get out of control and start eating things such as Mcdonald's and other fast foods, it becomes a dirty bulk.

You know you have to eat more to gain strength, but sometimes it just turns into an eating marathon. The problem is that although you are gaining fat and weight faster than ever, your loads are still going up which gives you the feeling of progress.

The truth of the matter is, as long as you're getting enough protein, you are still making progress. The problem is the type of growth that you are making.

Don't Junk Food It – Eat Clean!

Just by eating cleaner and using whole foods instead of processed foods, and eating less total calories, you can see continued improvements while not gaining as much fat.

I think that some fat gain is inevitable in almost any scenario, but if you eat healthier and eat right above maintenance, you will be able to gain more muscle than fat, which can help make you look amazing even while you bulk.

To help with a clean bulk, I have a few suggestions:

First off. Make sure you are eating vegetables, Although they are low in calories and fill you up quickly, they have a high density of nutrients and minerals that are essential for building up your body. I recommend eating at least three fist sizes of vegetables a day.

This will also increase fiber and help you out when you’re on the other side of the equation sitting on the can.

Make sure you get about 1 kg of protein per pound of bodyweight. You should be able to do this without taking a whey protein supplement. If you do have to use Whey Protein, I would recommend taking it right when you wake up since your body just went on a (hopefully) 8 hour fast.

Don't Forget The Carbs

Don't Forget The Carbs. Eat carbs, but try to eat whole grain carbs. Again this helps with the fiber content which most bodybuilders lack. Unprocessed foods also take longer to digest in the body and can help keep you fuelled up for hours. This slow digestion can also lead to slower fat gains since your body will use up most of the carbs before storing it as fat.

If you drink the right amount of water, around 3/4 gallons a day, along with eating only whole, unprocessed foods, you will find yourself struggling to get in your calorie intake every day, declining excess weight gain! Keep your diet based on whole grains, along with adequate water intake, and I guarantee your bulking cycle will be hugely successful!

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