CBDMuscle Reviews, Feedback, And Facts Behind Their Brand!

The CBDMuscle Review!
The CBDMuscle Review!

CBD oils and balms are becoming one of the fastest growing crazes in the bodybuilding world. We have been using a variety of oils and lotions since 2016 and can confirm they improve soreness, relaxation, and repair.

We have been asked many times by our readers concerning the best oils to use! So, we have decided to start reviewing some premium brands.

One of the more popular and up and coming brands are CBDMUSCLE; they claim to provide both oils and balms that target muscle mass before and after workouts. This product is for both pre and post workout, but in no way does it improve muscle growth! CBD oils are for repairing, relaxation and soothing muscle fibers.

With so many companies claiming to have perfected the perfect line of CBD formulas, it can be a hard task for a beginner/intermediate to choose one that works. Most companies are adding stimulants, BCAAS, Tribulus Teressterus and other popular bodybuilding supplements while claiming them to be the ultimate in CBD/cannabidiol products!


CBD False Claims


What CBDMuscle stands by is the research and scientific evidence behind cannabidiols. They are not making wild claims and use the correct dosage for the desired outcome! With many brands boasting about unrealistic effects of better strength, growth, and stamina, makes these companies look like a scam!

CBD Does Not:

  1. Make you stronger
  2. Increases muscle growth
  3. Improves stamina/energy levels

CBD Does:

  1. Help relieve muscle soreness
  2. Reduce rest between workouts
  3. Relieves pain while working out


Our CBDMUSCLE review will shed some light on this brand and explain why/if they have created a reliable product. With all CBD oils and balms, the price is a tell-tale sign on quality. Using a product that is created by using a premium ingredient is key to experiencing the full effects of CBD oils when lifting and exercising.

Continue Reading: We will be reviewing testimonials, the science behind CBD and revealing if we think CBDMuscle is the real deal!

CBDMuscle: Who Are They?

CBDMuscle is a new line of both CBD oils and lotions that have become extremely popular since its release (2019). Their formulas consist of both natural ingredients and a high concentrated CBD in all their products. They provide four individual products one drink, one blam, and two oils.

All formulas are available to many countries, although based in the US/UK you can purchase their CBD bodybuilding products from any major destination. All recipes are legal and do not contain any THC because they’re extracted from premium hemp plants. Another point to make concerning the CBDMuscle range is they have used the correct amount of CBD (Cannabidiol) recommended for the desired effect! Source.

How Does CBDMuscle Work?

The CBDMuscle Oil
The CBDMuscle Oil

By using CBD cannabidiol extracts from hemp plants, CBDMuscle has released its premium line of cannabidiol products designed to target aches, muscle repair, and recovery! CBD oils have been scientifically proven to help relieve muscle stress, pains, and muscle recovery: Source.

Every product comes with a high dosage of 12% CBD, the makers of CBDMuscle have become one of the more popular brands. Designed especially for sports and bodybuilding use. You have four products to choose from:

The CBDMuscle Balm
The CBDMuscle Balm
  • #1/2  CBDMuscle oil: Both products consist of 85 and 12% purity. Depending on your desired outcome you have medium strength and more potent oil. These oils must be applied before and after an intense workout.
  • #3 CBDMuscle recovery balm: Specifically designed for after workouts because it’s designed to sooth muscle pain/aches and recover your torn muscle fibers at a quicker pace.
  • #4 BCAA & CBD Supplement: A drink designed to target both muscle growth and recovery.

Health Risks

There are no health concerns with the range of products supplied by CBDMuscle. CBD products have been confirmed to cause no health risks and only minor side effects. The side effects associated with CBD oils and balms will depend on the user and their tolerance to oils.

  • Skin irritations (1% of users)

In sporadic cases, some users may experience skin irritants. Although we have never experienced these side effects if you suffer from eczema or any other skin condition you may experience itchiness/rashes!


CBDMuscle User Reviews

“After applying these lotions I can feel them working within ten minutes. I am totally in love with the new range of CBDmuscle lotions. Its been a week now and I can workout longer and get back in the gym because I can feel my muscles repair faster!”

“I have been using a variety of cbd oils for my legs and back especially straight after a workout. Its been a while since I started taking CBDMuscle and con confirm their oils as strong and just as potent compared to other Amazon brands!”

Editors Opinions

The CBDMuscle series of products is an excellent addition to your workout and exercise experience! They are not a means to gain more muscle; we are not confirming these formulas will help with muscle growth! But, they are a great product and consist of premium ingredient compared to the price of their products.

After using the products for over a month now, we can confirm they work just as good as the other leading brands. They support a better through relaxing the muscle and relieving pain throughout a workout. To experience the full effect of these products you must apply their balms and oils before and after a workout.

Cbd oils/balms are the new “IN” product for 2019 because they work well. Just be sure to check the dosage and ingredient list before applying to your skin! CBD Muscle gets the thumbs up from Body Bros and will continue this brand because we know it works!

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