Common Ingredients For Testosterone Boosting Supplements

Testosterone boosters: Just exactly what are they? We know that taking steroids can possibly lead to health problems, and the fact that they are illegal makes them a danger to own. We also know that steroids have inconsistencies in quality since their illegality means that most steroids are produced in people’s basements.

So is there a good alternative to steroids? That’s where testosterone boosters come in. The whole goal of steroids is to increase your natural testosterone levels to help cut fat and develop muscle. Well, a testosterone booster (legal steroids) does just that, but in less essential and less harmful methods.

They generally use natural ingredients as well. The most significant benefits to using testosterone boosters are the consistency in quality you will get from bottle to bottle.

Estrogen Inducing Chemicals and Foods

Most people believe that they don’t need testosterone boosters. Have you ever walked into a building that has signs saying that it may cause cancer? Probably. In fact, male testosterone levels have been at all-time lows in the last 50 years, as we become exposed to millions of estrogen inducing chemicals from foods to buildings.

Then the question becomes which one actually works? So many companies advertise these testosterone boosters as the quick and easy fix. The problem is with so many ingredients in each of them, we have to break down what is actually in these boosters to see if there is scientific backing to their claims. So here are the top 8 most common ingredients that testosterone boosters have. Let’s see if they actually work!

Free and Total Testosterone Levels

The first thing is to have a complete understanding of testosterone. There are two types, Free testosterone, and total testosterone. The one that gives us the anabolic effects we look for is based on free testosterone.

So anything that raises free testosterone is a plus. Anything that produces more luteinizing hormone is also a plus since this is what directly affects free test levels.

1. D Aspartic Acid (good)

D-AA for short, D aspartic-acid is a type of amino acid. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. There are 22 amino acids currently known, and D-AA is a type of the aspartate amino acid. D-AA is found mostly in the testes of men. It works by controlling all the factors in releasing LH (Luteinizing Hormone). Since an increase in LH leads to a direct increase in testosterone, we can confirm that any good testosterone booster should have D-AA.

Here’s a study that shows how D-AA worked in the short term length for Male humans.

2. Anacyclus Pyrethrum (neutral)

A relatively unknown ingredient in testosterone boosters, it does have the potential to be a good testosterone booster. Many people in southeastern Asian countries have been using it for centuries to increase sex drive, as well as a food spice. Used by Asian cultures for centuries indicated that it’s something that can’t hurt you in any significant way. Consider it a bonus if you find it in your favorite testosterone booster.

There was one study done that showed an increase in sperm count and testosterone levels HERE

3. Boron (good)

Boron is a rare earth metal that is quite uncommon to find. Although not considered essential, humans have been getting less of this nutrient over time. As farmers farm on the same land, it decreases the amount of boron left for us primary consumers. The study shows that it is something that we can benefit from supplementing. Testosterone levels rose considerably after consumption. If you see boron in your testosterone booster, you can tell they're on to something good! There is one caveat since it’s such a trace mineral in our bodies. DO NOT over consume this ingredient!

Here is a study showing it’s promising results

4. Cordyceps (useful to have a secondary ingredient)

These are a sac fungus that can be found high in the Himalayas. These mushrooms can grow on the backs of caterpillars! As gross as that sounds, ancient traditional medicine have been using this for years to increase longevity, more endurance, and its anti-cancer properties. Although there has been significant evidence that Cordyceps improve the testosterone levels of a man, they have been shown to increase endurance levels as well as stamina! This, in turn, leads to better gains, so this is another one of those “it can’t hurt to have it situations.”

5. Holy Basil (Not very useful)

Holy basil is different from the ordinary basil that you can find in your kitchen. Unless your Thai. It's considered an excellent herb to increase mood and health in Thailand.

There are many uses for Holy basil, but I don't think it belongs in a testosterone booster. It may boost testosterone levels by the amount of zinc in it, but if you're low on zinc, buying a zinc supplement will be just as effective and much cheaper.

6. Horny Goat Weed (Bad)

You’ve probably seen this at your local sketchy liquor store selling these pills for “improved libido.” That’s probably where they should stay. They have been shown to help with erectile dysfunction. And that's about it. Even then it’s just based on the chemical Icariin. The biggest problem is that this ingredient lacks human trials. The closest was rats, where it was shown to work. But rats aren’t that similar to the human body, and anything that uses this as the main ingredient you should stay away from. Unless you have erectile dysfunction, but the purpose of this article is finding active testosterone boosters.

7. Maca (Terrible and useless)

Here goes the supplement industry again. There have been studies done on this one, and it has not had any effect whatsoever in raising testosterone levels in males. The only reported beneficial aspect of Maca is the libido enhancer. Maca is also nutrient dense and is excellent for your body, but it just doesn’t have any effect on testosterone. Stick to broccoli.

The study is here on Maca not raising testosterone. You can find plenty more online confirming this.

8. Longjack (Those with low testosterone will see GREAT benefits)

Very well known ingredient in many testosterone boosters. The problem is that there hasn’t been a study on long-term on a healthy male adult population. All the investigations so far have been done on adults with low testosterone. In this case, adult males with low testosterone had terrific results, so there is potential. The fact remains whether it is useful for healthy adults.

A study was done on those with low testosterone.

Conclusion Of Testosterone Ingredients

Hopefully, this helps you in your quest to getting stronger! Remember that not everything you see advertised works as is. There are a lot of biased studies that are paid for by the very same companies who need these studies to sell their supplements.

Try to sort through the BS using the above to make sure that there is proof your testosterone booster works! If you need any other ingredients researched, leave a comment below and we will get back t oyou ASAP!

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