Crazy Bulk Stacks – Do They Work? Ultimate, Bulking, Strength & Cutting [EXPOSED]

Heard Of Crazy Bulk? Read our full (Crazy Bulk Review Here). This review will be looking at the many stacks that Crazy Bulk provide!

Yes, Crazy Bulk is a good option for users who want to bulk or cut. But, do their stacks make you gain more significant growth or better cuts?

Why Use A Stack By Crazy Bulk?

Stacks are a phrase from anabolic steroid users who will stack different steroids to get a better more severe outcome. Depending if you're looking to gain muscle or cut muscle after a bulking phase, which gives you a more defined/ripped body!

Crazy Bulk has some ready made stacks that they say will improve your bodybuilding experiences. In this review, we will be evaluating these stack by listing them and revealing to our readers if they are worth the extra price tag!

Although Crazy Bulk does offer different price tags and discounts, you are going to be looking at spending around $100 for a stack of supplements x4x5x6 single supplements.

Listed below you will find the different stacks provided by the Crazy Bulk brand! We have listed them all, so you can make a decision about whether to use a single supplement or invest in a stack of up to six individual products that make a stack.

1. Bulking Phase – Beginners & Intermediates

bulking stack


The Bulking stack is the most popular because it appeals to beginners looking to put on as much muscle as physically possible! Users tend to choose this first and hit the gym. It provides proteins, BCAA'S, improved testosterone and other benefits for the bulking phase. Many users have reported big gains and better strength when working out.

  • Reduce fat production
  • Gain lean muscle growth
  • Type: Bulking x4
  • Price Tag: $108
  • Beginners & Intermediates
  • Male & female users

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We know Crazy Bulk's bulking stack is a good option because we have all used it before @bodybros. We received impressive growth and found it to be good for initial gains.

2. Cutting – Intermediates & Experienced

cutting stack


Have you been undertaking a bulking phase? Or do you want to start cutting to get the defined beach body look? Then, the cutting stack is an excellent option for all abilities! You can start using this stack even if you have not bulked before! Which is because it provides you with energy, stamina and powerful fat burning!

  • Powerful fat burning
  • Intense energy
  • Improved testosterone
  • Price: $108
  • Intermediate & experienced
  • Male & female users

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If cutting is what you want to achieve then we would advise you to use this selection of cutting products. Because so many users want to bulk, bulk and bulk some more they seem to forget that burning fat and building muscle will give you a much better look and definition! So, if you want to build strong, quality muscle fibers then we recommend using the cutting stack!

3. Strength – All Levels

If its strength you want, then its strength you will get! The Crazy Bulk strength stack concentrates on growing muscle mass and strengthening your gains. But very similar to the bulking stack bar one (Decaduro).

  • Muscle bulking
  • Intense energy
  • Improved testosterone
  • Price: $108
  • All levels
  • Male & female users

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Our opinion on the strength stack is low; we would advise anyone wanting to gain strength to use the bulking stack above. We found Anvarol to offer not much in the way of better power or growth levels.

4. Growth Hormone – All Levels

Using the (HGH X2) supplement makes this the growth hormone stack because of its ability to encourage a higher level of HGH (human growth hormone)! Adding this agent to the bulking stack makes it a remarkable series of products that enhance a users growth to another level! Having tried the HGHX2 supplement for over a month, we realized it to be a beneficial agent at encouraging muscle growth quicker!

  • Improve HGH
  • Stamina, energy & strength
  • Improved testosterone
  • Price: $139
  • All levels
  • Male & female users

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Because of our first-hand experience with using the HGH agent by Crazy Bulk, we would encourage all types of users to use this compared to other stacks. It does pack a punch and causes your body to build like never before! Is it worth the price tag? Well, will leave that up to you!

5. The Ultimate

the ultimate stack

The Ultimate

The big one, it boasts six individual products all designed to offer the user the ultimate bulking phase! Have we used it? Yes, we have used it, a few of us continued with the Ultimate Stack after we finished experimenting with it! But, I would stick with the Hormone stack as I received much more significant gains!

  • Ultimate bulking stack
  • Stamina, energy & strength
  • Improved testosterone
  • Price: $165
  • All levels
  • Male & female users

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If your serious about pilling on the pounds and getting crazy big then the ultimate stack is the one for you! It makes your muscles ache, and you know you're going to hurt in the morning with this one! Eating right and lifting heavy every other day for a month and your body will be bulging and ready for a cutting phase.

Our Recommendations!

Me personally, if I want to bulk I go for the Hormone Stack because it provides you with all the proteins, BCAAS, whey and testosterone for your body to grow! Adding in the extra HGH levels makes your growth go to another level!

If you are going to cut/burn fat, then their cutting stack is best, although I never cut lol. But, from user reviews and feedback received here, it's by far better than the competition!

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