Crazy Mass Review – Original Supplier Of Legal Steroids Or Not?

One of the longest standing suppliers of legal steroids or (enhanced bodybuilding supplements). Crazy Mass has a long history of selling, producing and perfecting supplements that enhance your bodybuilding cycles. But are these supplements out of date? And is there another company to better the formulas created by Crazy Mass? Our review of the Crazy Mass formula will be revealing to you what we truly think of their supplements. Such as side effects, ingredients, scientific research, overall satisfaction and much more…

So Who Are Crazy Mass?

Created and designed their own unique formulas back in 2013, Crazy Mass rose to success because of their ability to mimic anabolic steroids. Yes, claiming to mimic steroids without the awful side effects, this would be a great accomplishment. Although we have our doubts about this claim, users of their products then called them legal steroids. Based in the US, Crazy Mass sells and distributes their series of supplements all around the world.

How Does Crazy Mass Products Work?

Some ingredients in their range are a secret, but we know that they are all a natural mixture of shellfish, plant and root extracts. Claimed to create the perfect anabolic scenario within your body, you receive boosts in bulking, cutting and strength. These effects are claimed to improve growth, weight loss, stamina, and strength. Speeding up gains and making anyone capable of better gains and stronger lifts!

Crazy Mass Official Website & Ratings

  • Effects – Cutting, Bulking and Strength stacks
  • Sales History – 4+ year
  • Ingredient Types – Natural extracts
  • Side Effects – Stomach aches, Headaches and loose stools
  • Customer Opinion – 62% positive
  • Money Back Guarantee – 14 days
  • Price Range – $54.00 + Special offers + 2 for 1
  • Available For Delivery – Worldwide availability
  • Official Website – CLICK HERE

Common Ingredients Used in Their Formulas

Here is a small example of ingredients you can expect to find in both cutting and bulking agents from Crazy Mass:

  1. Magnesium
  2. Nopal
  3. Capsicum
  4. Deer Antler
  5. Wild Yam Root
  6. DMAE
  7. DHEA
  8. Vitamin Mixed
  9. Tribulus Terrestris

As you can see some of the ingredients above are common in bodybuilding supplements, but some such as deer antler is not! After reviewing each ingredient we found some positive research that explains why and how these formulas can produce results. But some ingredients have no backing what so ever, this is because it's either inconclusive or just not there!

What To Expect From using Crazy Mass

Although these supplements are far from the results of anabolic steroids such as Dianabol, Oxandrin or Stanozolol. You should expect to receive gains and cuts at a better rate. The Crazy Mass website tends to hype up the effects of their formulas.

But reviews reveal that using their products over a month should help you gain muscle if you eat the correct foods and workout out heavy and often. If you want to cut they do have a cutting stack which includes 4 individual products. Reviews surrounding these individual products tend to be more negative than positive.

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Crazy Mass And Side Effects

Like all bodybuilding supplements, there is always a risk of digestive side effects. Crazy Mass is no different, reviews reveal that users experience loose stools, constipation and digestive pain in general. Because some ingredients within their formula effect us differently, users should double check for allergies before use. This goes double if you suffer from any health issues and should seek medical advice before use!

Stacking Crazy Mass's Supplements.

You are presented with three main stacks when visiting the Crazy Mass website. These target cutting, bulking and strength, although these stacks are more expensive even after you use their 3 for 2 offer. Reviews tend to be more positive especially when used while bulking. We also suggest to our readers that you should initially order one bottle, this way you will discover if you experience any side effects and can return soon after!


Crazy Mass is one of the longest selling suppliers of “legal steroids“, because of this we know them to be trusted with delivery times and processing refunds. Although they are still a good choice compared to other companies, which tend to come out at 30-35% positive reviews.

We would still recommend them to our readers and encourage you to try their bulking range because we've had great success and positive gains. Beginners are more likely to get a better response after a 3/4 week bulking cycle.

We depend on you giving us feedback and submitting detailed reviews revealing gains, cuts, and overall experiences. If you have the time, then please get in contact and submit your reviews here.

Watch Our For The Latest Scam Supplements

Heard of any of the supplements in this video below? Always get a second or third opinion about any bodybuilding supplement you come across on the internet!

FAQ's Quick Answers

Is Crazy Mass the right bodybuilding supplement for me?

Crazy Mass is a good supplement for beginners or novices, it does not really do the job for professional or experienced bodybuilders. If you are new and just started lifting then this supplement will work well for your initial gains. Because it lacks the power or potency of other brands experienced lifters should use a more potent version of “legal steroids”.

How does Crazy Mass actually produce results?

Crazy Mass supplies a mixture of products that target your bodies growth in different ways.

  • Bulking – You will receive better strength, stamina, and growth through better levels of testosterone, BCAA's and protein. Crazy Mass supplies your muscle tissue with important nutrients and amino acids to help growth and repair.
  • Cutting – Users receive a boost in energy, stamina, and strength. Because you need to lose weight when cutting Crazy Mass provides your body with energy and quicker fat burn to cut muscles after a bulking cycle.

What makes Crazy Mass different to other brands of supplements?

What Crazy Mass has done well is supply a series of individual agents that target a specific lifting cycle. You get a natural formula that can improve a beginner's initial gains and stamina. Because you can stack their individual agents you receive a more potent way of upping your game and making the most of a 6-week bodybuilding cycle.

How long does a stack or single bottle last?

Both stacks and single products last the same time, this is because you take one from each bottle at a time. You get approximately 60 tablets in each tub which lasts on average 30-days. This is just enough time to last a full cycle period of 4-6 weeks.

Where does Crazy Mass ship to?

Users can order this supplement from most worldwide locations. If you live in the US, the UK or Europe shipping is free. But if you reside in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, South Africa or other destinations then you pay a small shipping cost no matter how many bottles you order.

Do you supply any exclusive discount codes?

No, we cannot obtain any discount codes, but they have a long running 3 for 2 offer that is expected to run continuously.

Can I track my order after purchase?

Yes, Crazy Mass do supply a trackable reference so you can follow your parcel right to your front door!

Are my orders and details secure?

Yes, all orders are processed through a secure server to keep your details safe. You are also given a 14-day money back guarantee after you have completed your order.

Is there any issues with side effects

Yes, users have reported some minor issues with constipation and stomach aches. Although, these are not severe health issues and have only been reported by a small majority Users should always check with your doctor before use, especially if you happen to suffer from a health or medical issue.

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Should I buy from the official supplier?

Yes, to enjoy their money back guarantee and tracking you should always use the official supplier to get the best discounts and offers. Using websites such as Amazon and eBay open the doors to coppied versions of their formulas. Copied versions of Crazy Mass use low quality ingredients and can cause more dangerous side effects because of this!


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