D-aspartic acid – Does It Work? Is It Safe? We Reveal All…

D-aspartic acid is used in a wide variety of different supplements from bodybuilding to performance enhancers. D-aspartic acid can be used as a single ingredient or added to a formula for a more potent effect. Because it's widely used in many high profile supplement brands, we receive many questions surrounding the effects of this popular ingredient.

In this analysis of D-aspartic acid, we will be revealing to our readers once and for all if we believe it to offer benefits that are safe. If you are using a supplement that contains this ingredient then we suggest you read our analysis for a better understanding as to how it works? Is it safe? and has it been thoroughly tested through clinical trials and scientific research!

SOOO. What Is D-aspartic Acid?

D-aspartic acid is an (amino acid) paired with L-aspartate, both are from the aspartic type of amino acids. Naturally present in our bodies to help the process proteins and help the brain control hormones. Because proteins and hormones are an important factor in enhancing many sports and muscle gains, companies tend to make over-hyped claims surrounding this basic readily available ingredient!

What Is It Used For?

D-aspartic acid helps your body process proteins and encourages the release of hormones, it's commonly used in testosterone and bodybuilding supplements. Here is a list of common supplement types that incorporate this ingredient into their formulas:

  1. Pre-workout supplements
  2. General bodybuilding supplements
  3. Testosterone supplements
  4. Both bulking and cutting supplements
  5. Fat burning supplements
  6. Performance enhancing supplements

How Does It Work?

  • Directly works with your brain receptors that regulate hormones
  • Helps your body process proteins more efficiently

Foods High In D-aspartic Acid

Because D-aspartic Acid is a naturally occurring ingredient you can find it in a wide variety of foods. If you wanted to experiment with this ingredient then we would suggest you consume foods high in this ingredient. Its much cheaper and you can conduct your own experiment to see if you believe D-aspartic Acid works for you!

  1. Chicken, pork, and beef
  2. Cheese and dairy products
  3. Walnuts and cashew nuts
  4. Oats and corn
  5. Salmon, mackerel, and halibut

*Consuming a high D-aspartic Acid diet has many positives and benefits for a healthy body, especially if your undertaking intense exercises.

Fake Claims!

We all know the supplement industry is full of companies making false claims to make extra sales! D-aspartic Acid is one of the most hyped up ingredients around! You have some brands claiming it makes your workout performance skyrocket and others saying your testosterone levels will hit the roof!

The Research Of D-Aspartic Acid

In this section, we will be revealing any hard evidence that's been published for D-aspartic Acid. Listed below are results of clinical trials, scientific research, and the results:



National Institute Of Health

Clinical Trials GOV


As you can see from the research and clinical trials above, D-Aspartic acid bring forth some HUGE question marks? Where do the companies and brands find this research that proves the D-Aspartic ingredient they are using come from? Because our research proves that this ingredient, in reality, does not offer much in the way of improved testosterone, strength or muscle gains!

Side Effects Associated With D-aspartic Acid

Although D-aspartic is naturally found in widely consumed foods, taking it in concentrations can cause some side effects. These temporary side effects consist of:

  1. Headaches
  2. Stomachaches
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Constipation

Is It Truth Or Tail?

Although some positive research does exist for D-Aspartic for infertile men with better sperm counts. Our research has come up lacking in positives for this holy grail in supplement ingredients. Because there is absolutely no positives to come out of our research into D-Aspartic acid, we would suggest that any supplement claiming exceptional gains, testosterone and better muscle growth should be steered clear of, due to the fact of an inferior ingredient/formula.

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