Grenade Product Reviews – Good For Cutting & Bulking Cycles?



Overall Effectiveness

8.0 /10

Side Effects

8.0 /10


8.0 /10

User Opinion

8.5 /10


  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Good Feedback
  • Long History


  • Little Expensive
  • Minor Side Effects

Grenade is not a new brand to the bodybuilding market, they have been producing a series of products since 2010. You can find the Grenade brand of supplements in many high street and super stores in the health and fitness section.

Within the last few years Grenade have dramatically increased their brand, exposure and marketing efforts. Because of this many users are looking towards their supplements and their fancy packaging and wondering what they have to offer in the way of bodybuilding benefits?

This Grenade review lists the most popular products and reveals to you if we believe they should be a brand you can trust! Grenade have marketed and packaged their product well, but is their formula anything to get excited about? We will reveal to you the benefits, ingredients and side effects being listed in testimonials and feedback.

Grenade And Their Awards!

Grenade received International Brand of the Year in 2015 for influence and success in the industry. Listed below are the best Grenade products we know to help users increase their bodybuilding rate of growth.

Top Rated – Muscle Machine Lean

Muscle Machine Lean is our top recommendation in the Grenade product series which is capable of producing great gains in lean muscle. As this is a powder you must mix with water to create a shake available in strawberry and chocolate.

Shakes should be consumed one with breakfast, then 30 minutes before a workout then again with an evening meal. With so many powered supplements containing extremely high levels of sugars like fructose and maltodextrin.

Muscle Mass Lean does not use sugars as a way to cheaply and quickly boost your energy levels. When boosting your energy levels with sugars your body crashes quickly! Yes this is effective, but is bad for your body and will not last a 30 minute workout let alone a solid hour.

What Muscle Machine uses is a carbohydrate mixture which controls sugar levels and steadily boosts energy throughout your day. Adding these effects with other ingredients used in Muscle Machine Lean this supplement significantly improves cutting and workout rate.

If you want to see safe and effective bodybuilding results then choosing this Grenade product will up your game. Always be sure to purchase from the official supplier as popular supplements are being sold elsewhere with none of the correct ingredients. Be sure to use the official supplier such as your local store, or Amazon to be certain!

Carb Killer Chocolate Bar

This one of our favourite protein bars around and does not taste like its past its sell by date! Grenades Carb Killer packs some great ingredients and is low in sugars, Carbohydrates but high in protein. Designed for you to consume after a workout because they give you a 24 gram hit if protein. You get a great tasting protein bar, but also great if you don not like shakes and tablets!

BCAA 8:1:1 – Cutting

Second in our list of Grenade products is BCCAA 8:1:1 which makes use of branched chain amino acids to better your protein synthesis. Increasing protein synthesis helps your body build lean muscle because you restore proteins lost when lifting weights.

As this Grenade product reduces fat and helps to improves definition over time, it works great for cutting cycles or for novice users who want to tone. BCAA 8:1:1 have incorporated a whole range of potent ingredients in this supplement that help you achieve better gains in strength, endurance and definition.

Each BCAA 8:1:1 supplement is packed with L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine which are well known ingredients for supplying muscle with amino acids. With many users of this supplement reporting positive testimonials and praising this supplement, it is hard to ignore.

User Testimonials

Would like to show my recognition to the Grenade company behind BCAA 8:1:1. There product is second to none and has helped me achieve goals I would never think was possible. Been using it now for about 6 weeks and noticed a huge increase in my physique and energy, review by Reece T.3.

Final Rating And Feedback

Grenade supplements are one of the best on the market with a wide range for you to choose from. If you are looking for a solid and reliable supplement then Grenade has a product to suit you.

The company and its products have received many different awards for their efforts in the supplement marketplace. Another positive about the Grenade brand is they use measured formulas, so you know what you are consuming and how much of each individual ingredient!

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