How Social Media Can Help You Stick to Your Workout Routine

Believe it or not, social media can be used for more than checking in on your ex and posting things you will regret in the morning. In fact, social media can actually help you stick to your workout routine.

Here’s how to use the power of social media to improve your fitness accountability:

Announce your intentions

Whether you are just starting out, or taking on a new fitness goal, make a public declaration about it on social media. Explain what you are doing and how you plan on doing it. Once it is out in the open, it is much more difficult to fall off the wagon and slip away from your plan. Rest assured, people will call you out if you claim to be cleaning up your diet, and you check in at the doughnut shop twice daily.

Post your progress

As you progress through your daily or weekly routine, post updates on how you are doing. Don’t be scared to post actual results, (exercises, sets, reps, etc.). While everyone may not be interested in the specifics, it is a great way to keep a record of your progress. Seeing your gains and improvements over time will help you stay engaged and remain true to your plan.

Find a friend

Having a workout partner is a great way to maintain fitness accountability. On days when you may not feel like hitting the gym, your partner is there to get you back on track. Social media makes it easier than ever to find a partner with a common fitness goal, even if they don’t live in the same area. Create an accountability group of 3-5 people to really ramp up the impact.

Mix it up

Sometimes, your workout gets a little stale. This can lead to boredom and eventually even abandoning your routine. Keeping things fresh and adding in small variations is a great way to stay engaged and stick to your plan. In case you haven’t noticed, social media is flooded with exercise and workout ideas to help you fight the monotony. Warning… make sure you are using reliable sources of information. If the website you are looking at says that squats and deadlifts are overrated, you may want to move on to the next article.

Inspire others

Want to push your fitness further than ever, while never missing a workout…? Try inspiring and teaching others. Once you have people watching what you are doing, your level of motivation and accountability will sky rocket as you realize the impact your actions have on others. You may never realize it, but by publicly promoting your personal fitness on social media, you could be inspiring others to take their fitness to the next level.

Some may never tell you to your face. Others will be front and center asking you questions. Either way, know that you are positively influencing the people around you. There may be nothing more motivating than the knowledge that you are helping others. Also, just try skipping leg day when you have people counting on you for guidance…

There you have it… five ways social media can help you stay accountable to your workout plan.

In its most positive form, social media is a resource for sharing information and connecting with others. Use this power to take your fitness gains to the next level, stay true to your plan, and maybe even inspire someone else along the way.


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