Kong Testosterone Booster Review

Have you heard of the “Kong Testosterone Booster”? Created by a company called matrix Nutrition who are UK based and claim their supplement can:

  1. Improve your libido
  2. Boost your levels of testosterone
  3. Enhance both muscle growth and energy levels

These are widely used claims from the majority of supplements in this market. But what makes the Kong t-booster any better than the rest?

This review will reveal why the makers of Kong think that their supplement is best. But we also reveal customer testimonials, ingredients and the overall effectiveness.

The Kong T-Booster

The Kong Testosterone Booster claims to offer a way to help you make sure your body feels stronger, faster and more efficient. While claiming to promote a more active lifestyle in the bedroom, it also makes you better prepared to hit the gym. These are the official claims from the Kong's website.

Using this supplement introduces you to the ingredient Tribulus Terrestris. This ingredient is all that's needed to fight low testosterone and make you improve your physique! Kong claims to be capable of:

  1. Making you more energetic and less fatigued when working out.
  2. Encouraging growth in muscle mass and a reduction in overall fat stores.
  3. Improving your libido resulting in a much higher sex drive.
  4. Plus many other benefits when it comes to boosting testosterone.

However, is there really much proof out there on the market that this product can give you anything more than another placebo? Or like many other supplements, giving healthy benefits for your body and having no effect on testosterone?

How Does This Supplement Work?

Like many other boosters on the market, Kong claims to help free-up testosterone from being used by other glands and hormones. That allows your body to use this extra testosterone to build muscle, improving energy and reducing fatigue. But Kong claims to go even further and encourage more levels by strengthening bioavailable testosterone.

It does this by reducing your levels of the hormone Estrogen. Estrogen is known to use a large proportion of your bodies testosterone when produced, this hormone is reduced and you end up with higher free testosterone levels.

What Are The Ingredients?

Here is the rundown of the full list of ingredients that the Kong T-Booster have utilized in their formula:

  • Tribulus Terrestris – Known for some positive effects on testosterone, but limited evidence due to lack of research.
  • Fenugreek – Rich in protein, but lacks any clear evidence of boosting a users testosterone.
  • Macuna Pruriens – Does help with fertility issues and has many other benefits.
  • Tongkat Ali – Can cause improved energy, testosterone, and a better stamina.
  • Urtica Dioica – This ingredient is the most positive and offers clinical evidence on its effect on levels of testosterone!

Other ingredients listed in the formula are. Civil, Boron, Vitamin D3, Hesperidin, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola and Reishi Mushroom. These ingredients reveal actual research and clinical evidence back the claims made by the makers of the Kong Testosterone Booster.

Side effects Associated with This Formula:

Because of its powerful ingredient mix anyone with a health condition or currently taking a course of medication to consult your doctor before use. Side effects associated with the Kong booster range from bloating, insomnia, increased heartbeat and stomach aches.

Customer Testimonials

We found a wide variety of genuine customer testimonials that showcased its ability to help manage and improve testosterone. Customer approval for the Kong Testosterone Booster is much more positive than negative.

Customer Testimonials

I was taken in by the supplement Kong because the name called out to me when searching for a testosterone booster and I was not disappointed! I found it helped me in many different ways, but most importantly I found my energy and sex drive was enhanced!

Final Review And Rating

Overall, we found that the Kong Testosterone Booster offers substantial evidence on your testosterone levels. We discovered that testimonials, user reviews, and medical opinion justifies this product as useful. We would advise caution if you have a complicated medical history or are currently taking any medication.

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