Mondays Motivation For Working Out! How To Get Back Down The Gym?

Motivation Monday Series #1

Welcome to the Monday's Motivation for working out. Everyone has excuses for why they can’t hit the gym. Sometimes it's a legitimate excuse. And sometimes it not. Whatever the reason is, we have our ideas as to why it’s “impossible to go to the gym.”

Let’s start this off with a Definition from Siri:

“Attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify.”

So essentially, Once you are using the word excuse in your head, you might as well be admitting to having a lousy reason not to hit the gym. So let’s think about some common excuses you might have, and how to crush these terrible Mondays with a sliver of hope.

The First one is “I’m too sore to workout.” A couple of reasons why this excuse is invalid. Does your entire body hurt? I highly doubt it. If every muscle is sore, you're probably doing it wrong. So maybe your chest is painful, to the point that you can barely push open a door. Then get your butt to the gym and do some squats! Remember, you don’t ever want to let a Bro skip leg day, so why would you allow yourself!

Another excuse that sounds great to the unmotivated mind is “I need to sleep to recover; I can’t hit the gym” The sleep one seems excellent because sleep is a necessity.

Here’s the thing. How have you spent your whole day? Are you telling me you didn’t waste 30 minutes on social media, or watch a Netflix show? You didn’t hit that snooze button this morning? You didn’t take a nap, or slack off all day? If that’s the case, maybe you need to sleep. But most likely it’s time to work out, if you have time in your day to watch Netflix, you probably have time to workout.

Excuse #3: “I don’t have any supplements to workout.”

This reason is just terrible. If this goes on in your head, please give it a good hard kick. You don’t need supplements to work out! It's just that, Supplements! So drink some water, go hard in the gym and come back and eat some eggs!

Excuse #4: I don't know how to start..

Now I know that the gym can be a daunting task when you don't know how or what to do. I have a suggestion for you. Just start with the strong lifts 5×5 program. Just go to the gym and if you don't know how to do an exercise, ask for help. Most people at the gym will be more than willing to help out a fellow hard worker. Just going is half the battle!

Excuse #5: This one is for the girls. For those that are worried that touching a dumbbell with get them too big and with too much muscle. You AREN’T going to turn into muscle woman in 2 days! If it were that easy, then most of us men would be Jay Cutlers by now! So Don’t, it takes years of perfect nutrition, working out, and some supplements (a cough) to get to the levels of some of those women on stage. So get sexy lean muscles!

Excuse #6: The intimidation factor

A lot of people are scared to start going to the gym because of the way they think people will judge them for how they look. I’m sure by now that you’ve read this a million times, but no one gives a sh*t. The thing is that everyone starts somewhere, and if anything it’s respectable that you're doing something about it. Everyone has their own life they are focusing on and trying to get a workout to do other things. Just realize that nobody cares, and if there is some a$$hole, they are the only ones judged by everyone else at the gym.

So, don’t let these excuses hurt you, and go to the gym. I can almost guarantee that no matter what your mood was before the gym, it will be better afterward.

Thanks for reading Monday's Motivation for working out!

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