Niacin Max Review – Soluble Tongue Strip

Niacin Max have created a soluble strip that delivers Niacin also known as (nicotinic acid) on contact with the tongue. Because Niacin Max uses a strip rather than a pill users receive an instant hit of Niacin. According to their website, Niacin Max improves users blood flow, HGH levels while increasing oxygen levels. Therefore, boosting muscle growth, reducing fatigue and helping muscle tissues repair much quicker. This is very useful after an intense workout or exercise routine.

Our Niacin Max review will be explaining how this new bodybuilding supplement works and is it beneficial to bodybuilders and athletes success. We will also be listing any scientific proof for the active ingredient (Niacin), plus listing issues related to adverse side effects. Because Niacin Max is a new product, user reviews are few and far between but can be found at the bottom of this Niacin Max review. Any new reviews we receive will obviously be posted as and when we receive them!

The Claims Of Niacin Max:

Targeted towards bodybuilders and also athletes who want to reduce fatigue, improve energy levels and enhance their muscle growth. Niacin Max claims to be capable of achieving many positives for both bodybuilders and athletes alike. Listed below are the points Niacin Max claims to achieve results:

  1. Increases HGH (human growth hormone) for bigger muscle gains while boosting energy levels.
  2. Increased blood and oxygen circulation, this helps muscle tissue repair while reducing fatigue for an intense workout.
  3. Enhances the production of red blood cells within your blood stream, this then delivers more nutrients and a better rate of growth.

Because Niacin Max is a unique sports supplement that instantly delivers niacin through a soluble strip. It has been regarded as a breakthrough that is backed by clinical evidence to enhance your bodies ability to lift longer, generate bigger gains and enhance energy levels.

Side Effects Of Niacin Max

Since Niacin Max avoids the digestive system altogether side effects associated with the use of Niacin Max are virtually non existent. Although some users claimed to have suffered from a mild hot flush up to two hours after use. This can be a very strange feeling especially if not experienced before!

Other side effects from consuming Niacin are:

  1. Dizziness especially when sitting or standing to quickly.
  2. Sickness and stomach aches and pains.

Niacin Max Ingredients

Each strip sold by Niacin Max contains 75milligrams of niacin and a small quantity of vitamin b3. This is positive as the product in question does not use fillers and uses a measured dose of ingredients so users know how much they are consuming.

Breakdown Of Niacin Max

  • Delivered through a ground breaking new soluble strip that increases effectiveness and delivers pure niacin into the blood stream.
  • Increases a users metabolism, red blood cells and oxygen levels for increased performance and energy when needed.
  • Greatly improves your levels of HGH, therefore improving muscle growth and muscle repair.

Our Final Review Of Niacin Max

Niacin has had a lot of scientific research invested into it and can be beneficial in many other areas of health. Due to Niacin Max’s effective delivery system and active ingredients we would recommend this for both athletes and bodybuilders alike. Although Niacin Max reviews are few, users have reported effective results with virtually no side effects.

Niacin Max Review

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