One Fat Loss Secret No One Is Talking About

In the last 10-20 years, losing fat has been more on people’s mind than ever. As a subset of that, “losing weight” has been broken down into many different parts, with many different strategies. The two most common strategies being diet (the food you eat) and exercise (the amount you move).

And yet, not to be rude, but people are still grossly overweight. So what gives? Are we all wrong about what it takes to lose weight? While that is a big subject to undertake, we will be looking at a strategy that most people are not trying to lose weight, and that works better than traditional methods.

Processed Foods VS Natural Foods

The advent of processed food has posed a real problem for Americans (that being said, this is happening all over the world). Processing food takes a lot of the natural elements out of the food that helps us regulate our intake.

One of those particularly aggressive side effects is the loss of fiber. Fiber does a number of great things for the human diet, but the most useful for weight control, and also weight loss, is helping in telling our brain when we have had enough. Another huge advantage of fiber is that controls insulin secretions.

Insulin And Its Effects On Weight Gain

In short, insulin is the hormone our body sends out when it wants to store energy. The quicker insulin needs to be released, the less fiber those foods have, put simply. So what kinds of foods stimulate insulin the quickest? Processed foods. And there you have the full circle explanation, in its most basic terms, as to why fat loss is hard to lose among us.

But this still doesn’t explain a strategy for losing fat, other than “stay away from processed food.” But I did leave you all some hints.

Something else processed foods allow us to do more than whole food is eaten fast. Eating fast is more a symptom of the palatability of food than that we are all just pigs. So don’t feel bad for wanting to devour that bowl of ice cream, or why you just ate a whole bag of potato chips in one sitting. What it does tell us is why we are eating fast, and what we need to be mindful of when eating processed foods.

Powerful Weight Loss Strategy

The following strategy is fairly simple but very powerful. Anytime you are eating, take a break every 2 minutes. You can get up and clean the house, go write an email, take out the trash, anything.

After some time, come back and eat again. It might seem odd to need to do this, and it might even be weird for you, but know that it isn’t a permanent thing. It’s an exercise, just like a set of squats. If you are looking to lose fat, and have a hard time with controlling how much you eat, especially processed foods, this can dramatically help.

If you need more structure than that, you can simply set a timer every two minutes to go off. If you are eating for those two minutes you stop. Wait two minutes, and then when the timer goes off again, you start eating again.

It is also important to try and relax and not be in such a rush while doing this. Most people get at least 30 minutes to eat lunch at work. This is plenty of time. Try it out; see how it works for you.

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