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Mk-2866 is commonly called Ostarine, a form of SARMs that is well known for it’s ability to create a strong response in the androgen receptors. SARMs are one of the new things that have come out of the supplement industry of late. Sarms are usually used to help treat muscle wasting diseases in the replacement of TRT (testosterone replacement therapy).

This Ostarine review will reveal all a potentual user needs to know. We will be looking into:

  1. The Legality of using SARMS
  2. How to effectively use Ostarine
  3. Directions of use
  4. Side effects and health complications

What is Ostarine

Ostarine is a new drug from the new class of SARMs. Made by GTx Inc, It’s a selective Androgen receptor modulator. It’s been shown in studies that Ostarine has the ability to help people with muscle wasting disease recover quicker and with less side effects than other traditional methods such as the use of steroids. Targeting specific receptors allows it to work more efficiently.

Proposed benefits Of Ostarine

Now we know it’s great to hear that Ostarine works well for any muscle wasting disease condition. The real question is whether it works well for building muscle mass. Many people on the bodybuilding forum have developed logs on how they reacted and how they felt after taking the product.

  • Increased muscle mass: Most of them state that it had a good effect on them, and noticed a significant increase in muscle mass after taking it for a solid 8 weeks.
  • Increased Libido: most people who took Ostarine (enobosarm) noticed a large increase in their libido and it lasted throughout their whole 8 weeks. There was a smaller population of people who noticed a decrease.

Legality OF Using SARMS

The great part about using SARMs is that it isn’t illegal to own…. Yet. It seems that just like how prohormones went, SARMs will be illegal without a prescription in time. For now, having some for research purposes is completely legal, but using it for human consumption makes it immediately illegal.

Side effects

The greatest part of all is that there is usually less side effects compared to something like steroids. The problem is that we don’t know the long term effects of SARMs. Without another 30 years, we won’t know either.

Warning – *Before you start experimenting with SARMS, please be advised that you may suffer side effects. This Ostarine review is only for informational purposes!

How Does Ostarine work?

Ostarine specifically works by triggering the androgen receptors found specifically in the muscles and bones. Most of them time, your body has a delicate balance of estrogen and testosterone.

When your body senses that it has to much testosterone, it converts any remaining amounts into estrogen or DHT. If you have too much estrogen, your body produces more testosterone.

Ostarine works by directly hitting the androgen receptors, which leads to almost none of it being converted into estrogen. This is what leads to less side effects and the large potential that Ostarine and SARMs in general having for both pharmaceutical and supplemental properties.

Testosterone suppression effects

Most people who use this product have reported that a PCT is not necessary. A PCT is post cycle therapy, which is what you use to get your testosterone production back on track.

It is generally an aromatase inhibitor that blocks the ability of your body to convert testosterone into estrogen. Most examples of blood work online reported a 1/3 reduction in their total production of testosterone. This means that you should be fine, but I still recommend using a PCT to make sure that your testosterone production is back on track as soon as possible.

Is it safe

Now this is the question that I was waiting to get to. In all reality, all of this is great information but if your supplier gives you the wrong SARM, or something entirely different, all of this is meaningless.


Ostarine is technically a pharmaceutical drug that is owned and patented by GTx. Since the company can’t just produce a bunch of it and hand it out like candy to bodybuilders, most people are getting their Ostarine from some Chinese or Indian company that reproduces it hopefully correctly.

Purchasing Warnings – This means that what you get won’t always be chemically pure, or even actual Ostarine. This is the biggest danger to Ostarine.

How to use/dosage

Most people suggest to take about 12.5mg-25mg per day for the best results. I would recommend starting the first 4 weeks on a lower dosage to make sure that you aren’t going to have problems with it, then start upping the dosage if it works well for you.

Stacking could lead to better results, but it’s not worth the risk at the beginning since you don’t know how high the quality of the Ostarine actually is. I think that the best thing you can possibly do is to start off with just Ostarine. If your supply is good, then stack it with your normal stack if you are using one.

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Conclusion Of Ostarine

Ostarine, (MK-2866) is a great SARM to use and has a great amount of potential benefits. There is a lot of evidence that your muscle mass should increase, without too many short term side effects.

A relatively new drug, we still don’t know what the problems might be in the long term. Another worry is if your source is actually Ostarine. After all this, it’s best to assume that using Ostarine can be risky, but with the correct source it can be the beneficial replacement to steroids.

  • This Ostarine review is for inforational purposes.. WE DO NOT SUGGEST YOU SHOULD TAKE SARMS!!

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