PhenQ Reviews – Ratings, Health Warnings And Ingredients



Overall Effectiveness

9.0 /10

Side Effects

9.0 /10


6.0 /10

User Opinion

8.5 /10


  • Natural Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Good Feedback
  • Long History


  • Little Expensive
  • Only Available Online
  • Minor Side Effects

Yes, another Phen type weight loss supplement. But let’s not knock it until we get all the facts detailed in this review. PhenQ follows a long line of (Phen) type supplement that targets weight loss in 2 different ways. One, improving your metabolism and two, suppressing your appetite. Its formula has been designed and created using totally natural ingredients. Therefore, side effects are greatly reduced because of this.

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Who Are PhenQ?

PhenQ are a natural all-in-one weight loss supplement based in the UK, but ship their product all around the world for free! You receive a 30 day supply with one order if you are looking to buy more than this supply they do provide some discount options when buying bulk. Another point to make is they offer a 60-day money back guarantee as standard.

User Ratings, Price, and Official Supplier…

  • Effects – Appetite Suppressant & Fat Burning
  • Sales History – 3 years
  • Ingredient Types – Natural extracts & minerals
  • Side Effects – Loose stools & Stomachaches
  • Customer Opinion – 71% positive
  • Money Back Guarantee – 60 days
  • Price Range – $46.00
  • Available For Delivery – International
  • Official Website – CLICK HERE

PhenQ Side Effects

Although we have had reports of minor uncomfortable issues concerning stomach pains and constipation, PhenQ does not trigger any serious issues. Because PhenQ alters your bodies digestive function in more than one way, side effects are more regular for the first few days. According to user reviews, these digestive issues pass after a few days of use.

What Are The Benefits of Using PhenQ?

Listed on their website you can expect to lose weight through a reduction in appetite and a better metabolism through higher energy levels. Because you’re gaining an extra boost in terms of energy, you will naturally burn more calories throughout your day. This can be done through exercising or just being more active in the workplace.

  1. Natural ingredients extracted from plants and roots.
  2. Improvement in your mood, because we can all get unhappy with a reduction in calories intake!
  3. Huge boost in energy throughout your day, so you can avoid that crash through reduced calories.
  4. Reduction in your appetite, which helps you stay on track and avoid either overeating or snacking.

Listed On The PhenQ Website:

Official PhenQ Web Page – CLICK HERE!

The PhenQ Formula

Like all supplements, we like to list the ingredients in every formula we review. This helps us explain to you any scientific research, warnings or inconclusive research carried out. Below you will find the majority of ingredients used in their formula and any specific research or warnings we have discovered.

  • Capsimax Powder
  • Nopal
  • Caffeine
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate

Looking through the ingredients there are no health warnings. Some scientific research that backs up the claims made by PhenQ. Although some research is inconclusive we do believe that the majority of ingredient used in this formula has some positive research proving that PhenQ is not talking total rubbish like some other suppliers do!

Caffeine Warning!

Although caffeine does not come with any health warnings as such, users who are allergic or intolerant to this ingredients should avoid PhenQ altogether! Because PhenQ is high in caffeine you will suffer any issues you may have when consuming caffeine.

Reviews & Ratings

User reviews are much more positive than negative, we have analyzed many independent reviews and found that 70% are in fact positive. Compared to 30% negative reviews who said they did not lose any weight and found the caffeine content to high!


Our findings are positive concerning the effects in terms of actual weight loss. Apart from some minor side effects experience in under 15% of users, we believe PhenQ to be safe and natural weight loss supplement that offers positive effects on weight loss. Apart from improving your moods, we believe that PhenQ ticks all the boxes in terms of actual weight loss through a reduction in appetite and higher energy levels.

Our Feedback And Review Process

We are always on the hunt for honest and reliable users to review supplements. If you have any feedback or a detailed review concerning PhenQ or any other product please get in touch with our review and contact form here.

FAQ’s Quick Answers

Is PhenQ the right supplement for me?

Yes, this supplement is designed for both male and females over 18. If you are looking to safely shed some weight then this supplement is sufficient for you.

How does PhenQ cause me to lose weight?

PhenQ provides four different ways you may experience weight loss, which are:

  1. A reduction in your appetite, so you can easily reduce food consumption.
  2. Better metabolic rate, which helps you to reduce total mass
  3. Increased fat burn, this helps you to reduce overall fat levels
  4. Blocks continued fat stores, this stops you from accumulating any fat while taking these supplements.

Why is PhenQ different from other brands?

By using the alpha-Lacys reset formula, PhenQ set itself up for success through a better reduction in fat stores through thermogenesis. Added to this is its ability to reduce your levels of hunger throughout the course of the day.

How long does a bottle last?

You receive 60 individual supplements in one bottle, this is enough for a 30-day plan as you are advised to take two capsules daily.

What countries does PhenQ ship to?

PhenQ ship to all major destinations, you get free shipping if you live in the US, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy and the rest of Europe. If you happen to reside in Canada, Australia or New Zealand then you have to pay a small shipping fee.

Can you guys provide any discounts?

No, but they do supply a rolling discount option. You can use anytime and from any worldwide destination:

  1. Three for two option, you pay for two bottles and receive a third bottle for free.
  2. OR, buy three bottles and receive another TWO bottles free.

Secure checkout, guarantees, and tracking available?

Yes, PhenQ supplies a 60-day money back guarantee, secure checkout and an option for tracking your order to your front door!

What is the expected weight loss over a 30 day period?

Not that we like to speculate on this, but on average users tend to lose 15-20 lbs over a 30 day supply.

Should I be exercising and dieting?

Yes, it is highly recommended that users make the most of their 30 day supply. You should be exercising and eating a well balanced, natural and healthy diet to complement this weight loss supplement.

Official PhenQ – CLICK HERE!

Is there any reason I should not be consuming this product?

Yes, you should not take this supplement if you are breastfeeding, intolerant to caffeine or suffer from an underlying health condition.

Who is the best merchant to buy from?

Because you can only purchase this brand from their official website, we would advise you to NOT buy from Amazon, eBay, Walmart or any other big chain. This is because there are so many copyrighted and fake supplements making the rounds!


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