PhenQ VS Phen375 – Discover The Best Supplment For Weight Loss!

PhenQ and Phen375 are nearly identical in their marketing campaigns and both battling for prime position. Because so many weight loss supplements are claiming to be the best Phentermine alternative and calling their product Phen is the best. Makes it extremely hard for potential buyers to decide which is best!

Is it PhenQ or Phen375 that works the best?

In this review of both products, we will be revealing hard facts and separating fact from fiction. We can do this by investigating ingredients, analyzing reports and detailing any adverse effects on your health!

Why Are PhenQ & Phen375 So Popular?

The Phen type version of dieting supplements has been gaining pace because they claim to copy the effects of Phentermine. Phentermine was a long-running diet pill created back in the 70's. It did work and was available by prescription in the UK. But, since 2000 it has been banned and deemed a health risk!

Phen type products have become the norm, they claim to produce the same results, but without the risks to your general health. Don't get me wrong, “PhenQ and Phen375 both work”. We know this because we have tried both versions of this supplement. But, many independent users have reported they do provide the user with excellent weight loss properties.

Other Phen Type Supplements

Yes, there are many many different versions of “Phen type” products, but most do not come anywhere near PhenQ or even Phen375. They have both built a long history of weight loss and provided many dieters with the help to quickly shed some weight. But which one is best Phen375 or PhenQ? Continue reading and discover which one is superior.

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The Phen375 Supplement

The Phen375 brand has been available on the web since 2009. They are the longest running supplement of the two and claims they provide a natural product that can suppress the appetite, speed metabolism and continue to burn fat even after exercising. The company is located in the US and delivery anywhere around the world. There are no restrictions on the product because all ingredients in the Phen375 formula and considered safe and can be used by all body types.

Phen375 has caused me to be sick staright after swallowing their pill. I found it to offer some small weight loss, but nothing they claim to achieve! Will not be using again beccause of the issues with stomach aches and pains! Sandra, UK.

I have confirmed my order and would like to note, Phen375 should not be making claims they cannot backup. I lost weight over my 8 week heavy diet plan and intense workout toutine. But, I was hoping for more weight using this product. Side effects are not comfortable and continue way after digesting the pill. Hannah P, Cumbria.

Side Effects:

  • Stomach aches
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Constipation

Breakdown & Price Tag

  1. $ 62.99
  2. User review rating: 4/10

The PhenQ Supplement

PhenQ is the newer product of the two but does not necessarily mean it's the worst. First available in 2011, sold & created by a company called Wolfson Berg LTD. Offering all the same weight loss properties as Phen375, PhenQ targets appetite, metabolism & fat burning. You can order this product all over the world and enjoy multi-buy discounts, money-back guarantees, and trackable shipping. On average users are reporting to notice improved energy and extra weight lost after around two weeks.

Extrememly impressed and happy with the outcome of my weight loss journey with PhenQ. I received nothing in the way of side effects, felt energetic and could go the whole day at work with just salad and not crashing. Totally realistic weight loss, will be using again and again after a two week downtime. Rihanna, S.A.

I am happy to report that PhenQ procided me with what I was epxecting. Energy, extra faat loss and less cravings for sugary foods. Worked well for me and I would rate it 10/10 because it actually does what was claimed! Very satisified customer Silvia, Sydney/Australia.

Side Effects:

  • Stomach aches
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Breakdown & Price Tag

  1. $ 59.95
  2. User review rating: 4/10


Which One Ranks The Best?

After carefully reviewing every aspect surrounding each supplement we have concluded that PhenQ is a much better option. Just by sheer user reviews, PhenQ rises above Phen375 because it receives far more positive than negative testimonials.

If you look at the formulas, PhenQ still comes out the best because it has incorporated more ingredient with real scientific evidence they have a positive effect on your rate of weight loss! Side effects are also an essential part of our review process, with PhenQ receive fewer reports of adverse effects on a users health.

So overall PhenQ is the better option between the two products Phen375 and PhenQ.. CLICK HERE  to visit the official PhenQ website

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