Most Preferred Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters or (enhanced bodybuilding supplements) have become all the rage in recent years. This is because users are looking for better ways to enhance growth, stamina, and strength. Other than using real steroids, these enhanced formulas are the next best thing on offer without the severe side effects. This is due to the fact that they are generally safe, effective and 100% legal to consume.

Our experience with using testosterone boosters over the years is mixed, but we have come to know which products work best. Because of the amount of attention they receive, many companies have started to mass produce inferior formulas. Our list of the top-rated testosterone boosters has been sorted through many factors such as:

  1. Side effects and health concerns
  2. General effectiveness and quality of ingredients
  3. User reviews, feedback, and satisfaction
  4. Company profile and sales history

What Are Testosterone Boosters?

First off! testosterone boosters are not anabolic steroids and only consist of natural extracts from plants, shellfish, and assorted roots. These ingredients are backed by scientific research and offer the user real positives in the way of gains, stamina and strength. You can use the selected products below for your individual cycles such as bulking, strength or cutting.

Are Testosterone Boosters Safer Than Steroids?

Yes, These testosterone boosters are 99% safer than any form of anabolic steroid. But users who suffer from diabetes or any other medical condition must seek a professional opinion before use! Other than mild stomach aches and pains testosterone boosters are safer because they use an assortment of natural extracts.

Are They As Good As Steroids?

No, nothing is as good as anabolic steroids apart from steroids themselves. But they come in at a close second place because they are effective and do not cause the health and life risks associated with the use of anabolic type steroids.

#1 Crazy Bulk – Testo Max

Since their release back in 2014, Crazy Bulk have become a well-known supplier. Offering stacks specifically designed and created for Individual cycles based on their formulas. If you are looking to bulk, cut or just improve your testosterone levels, Crazy Bulk have a supplement that works!

  • General effects Testo – Max – Boosting testosterone
  • Established since – 2013
  • Warnings – None reported
  • Feedback & ratings – 73%
  • Price range – $32.00
  • Shipping options – worldwide
  • Purchase – Official Website

#2 Marine Muscle – Trooper

Only released back in January of this year 2017, Marine Muscle has come out with a brand new set of formulas targeted towards hardcore bodybuilders. Offering stacks and individual products that have received exceptional responses from many well-known bodybuilders. But the only drawback on this range of legal steroids is that they are only available in the US!

  • General effects – Imporving testosterone, bulking and cutting
  • Established since – 2016
  • Warnings – None reported
  • Feedback & ratings – 69-70%
  • Price range – $69.00 & discounts
  • Shipping options – worldwide
  • Purchase – Official Website

#3 Crazy Mass – Testosteroxn

A long time supplier of testosterone boosters which started over 4 years ago. Offering all you need from bulking, cutting, strength and testosterone boosting. Although Crazy Mass is a great provider of testosterone boosting supplements other companies such as Crazy Bulk and Marine Muscle have improved and refined their formulas.

  • General effects – Cutting, Bulking and Strength stacks
  • Established since – 2011
  • Warnings – mild stomach pain
  • Feedback & ratings – 58-62%%
  • Price range – 45-50$
  • Shipping options – worldwide
  • Purchase – Official Website

Word of Advice About Testosterone Boosters!

Testosterone boosters are a very popular type of bodybuilding supplement, they have gained attention among many bodybuilders and athletes. This has encouraged many scams, counterfeits, and inferior formulas to slip through the net and make it to your computer and smartphone screens. Always order from an official supplier, because you will find that the quality and end result is inferior.

Warning: Never take more than the stated dose stated on each bottle!

Associated Side Effects

Using these products can cause side effects, if you suffer from a medical condition then we advise you to seek a medical opinion before use. Side effects range from loose stools, headaches to stomach aches. Although most users do not experience any sort of side effect, this is just a warning to be aware.

Choosing The Correct Product!

Choosing the correct type of legal steroid for your needs is key to producing results and gains. If you are cutting or bulking then you should choose a stack or single product to benefit that cycle. All legal steroid providers above have a great range of supplements for all cycles and stages of bodybuilding.

Correct Diet For Bodybuilding Growth and/Or Definition

If you are cutting or bulking then you should always follow the correct diet plan to suit your cycle. Eating high proteins and natural foods is always a great starting point if you are stuck for ideas. Both Crazy Mass and Crazy Bulk have excellent aftercare and have a variety of diet plans they believe work well.

Side effects are rare, but some users complain of stomach pains and dizziness. If you happen to experience any side effects or negative impact when using any of the products above then you should stop taking them altogether. We are always happy to receive feedback, gains, and experience using any of the above supplements. Contact us to give us feedback or reviews about any type of product you have used!

Testosterone Boosters – FAQ’s

When should I start using testosterone boosters?

You need to be exercising and going to the gym to be able to make use of these products. If you start taking legal steroids and do not exercise then you will gain excessive fat. These supplements are formulated to increase your weight, bulk and muscle gains. Both beginners and experienced users will see results after approx 3/4 weeks.

How long should I use testosterone boosters for?

There is no time span for using these supplements, although if you do experience any side effect after an 8-week cycle then you should take a few weeks of using them.

Do you recommend any diet plans or routines?

We have uploaded some videos to help you get started, but because every user is different you should already have this covered for both bulking and cutting cycles.

Can you provide me with discount codes?

No, we do not control any sales or supply discount codes. Although each supplement supplier does have a long running offer for multi buys.

Is the order process secure?

Yes, the whole order process is secure for your peace of mind.

Can I track my shipment?

Yes, you will be emailed a tracking number or login information you can use to track your supplements. We would recommend you take up this offer because you will know when your parcel will be delivered. Delivery within the US takes a few days, if you are outside of the Us then shipping will take around 5 days.

I have diabetes can I still use these testosterone boosters?

As we do not give out health advice, we would recommend you book an appointment with your doctor and ask them before making your order. Any user who suffers from a health condition should also seek the advice of your doctor before use!

Our Reviews and Feedback

We depend on user feedback and would appreciate it if you could send us your experiences and gains associated with the products above. You can send us your reviews and feedback here. We can then pass this information onto other users who are looking for a good testosterone booster.

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