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Want an honest and reliable Prime Male Review with no holes barred?

In this review of the favorite testosterone booster “Prime Male,” we will be researching for the truth behind this product!

Now you must remember that Prime Male DOES NOT PROVIDE YOU WITH TESTOSTERONE! We get this question frequently from many of our readers. T-boosting supplement “boost the levels of production by using ingredients from plant, shell and root extracts!

Ok, SO, Prime Male is a favorite brand that has been on the web for many years. It has received a reputation among bodybuilders and middle-aged men because it has a great marketing technique! But is that all? Continue reading our review of Prime Male and discover if this supplement works!

The Prime Male Packaging & Tablet Example!

Our Review Process

When reviewing supplements especially t-boosters, we like to evaluate and reveal to our readers our findings. We investigate health concerns, side effects, user testimonials, ingredients and are they clinically proven to do the job advertised by Prime Male?

The Prime Male Brand

Sounding like the perfect product Prime Male attracts attention just because of its mighty name. Propura LTD is the company behind its formulation and distribution; they have been selling this t-booster for many years (2009). Selling to users all around the world who want to improve libido and bodybuilders looking for that extra-legal hit of muscle growth.

The Prime Male Promise!

Just like all online supplements promises are made, and Prime Male is no different! Here are the benefits you may receive if you decide to use this brand of t-booster:

  1. Libido, yes, the by taking Prime Male you may gain a more intense feeling of drive and appetite to perform more in the bedroom!
  2. Reduce your belly fat; clinical trials reveal that improving your levels of testosterone will help shed the fat around your belly.
  3. Your moods will improve so you are not so negative on life,  but also improve your confidence levels
  4. If your lifting weights then you can build more significant leaner muscle at a quicker rate!
  5. More intense levels of energy and an improved level of stamina

How Does It Work?

Remember that Prime Male use a mixture of ingredients that target the production of testosterone. If your looking for real testosterone, then this product is not for you! By improving blood flow, boosting nutrients and enhancing hormone production, Prime Male claims to achieve a far better rate of testosterone. Like all t-boosters Prime Male also claims the many benefits of better T-levels.

The Formula

Prime Male Is NOT a Priority Blend; all ingredients have volumes included!

This part of the review is the most important and can tell us if we believe this supplement has the backbone to make a difference on your levels of T. For your convenience we have listed every product in this formula, added with the benefits. Remember! We ONLY list benefits that we have found through research from the top-rated clinical/scientific websites. We do not use the Prie Male site in question because you will have a much better understanding of the formula and the truth behind the ingredients.

  • D-Aspartic Acid. Although Clinical evidence is low, this amino – acid does release luteinizing which has clinical evidence backing up claims of better hormone health. Blind trials revealed that users with higher levels of luteinizing produced better levels of hormones in the bloodstream.
  • Bioperine. Widely used in supplements because of the fact it helps your stomach absorb the ingredients more effectively. Research suggests that if a supplement does not contain this ingredient, then you have a less effect because of the way Bioperine works within your stomach!
  • Zinc & Magnesium. Improving magnesium & Zinc levels has a knock on effect with free testosterone levels. This because they reduce your levels of globulins which in turn binds any testosterone you are already producing. But, more importantly, Magnesium is one of the favorite ingredients to keep production of hormones healthy!
  • Nettle Root. Yes, the stuff that makes your skin bubble and feels itchy. Research suggests that because this ingredient contains high levels of beta-sitosterol which helps your prostate stay healthy and reduce inflammation.
  • Mucuna Pruriens. Low scientific evidence on this ingredients, but Mucuna Prurien does suggest it suppresses levels of estrogen.
  • Boron. Lowers estrogen, improves hormone production and helps the user stay “MAN” healthy because of the effect on your body.
  • Korean Red Ginseng. Found in many Chinese/Korean medicines because it's claimed to improve energy, immune system, and vitality.  Many users swear by this ingredient and take it on a daily basis!
  • Luteolin. Known to help improve androgens levels which have a knock-on effect on helping hormone production and reduce your levels of estrogen!
  • Vitamin-B6. A much-needed vitamin for a healthy body and better health!
  • Vitamin-D3. A well-researched vitamin with many positives for all! Vitamin D3 can be absorbed by the sun and well-known to help with many bodily functions. Research has proven that higher levels of Vitamin D3 help with bone density, energy, immune system, moods and hormone production!

Health Conditions

Most supplement companies say “Our products use natural ingredients and have zero side effects!” We know this statement is not valid because 90% of supplements especially testosterone boosters can cause an adverse effect on your stomach. Prime Male is no different with many customer moaning of stomach upsets straight after taking their pill!

Yes, maybe these are not severe! But, we do like to be honest with our review process. So, if you do feel any stomach cramps of digestive issues then drink some water and see if they dissipate. If the pain is too much, then we would suggest you stop taking this product!

Around 60% of users experience stomach pains after taking Prime Male, let us know if you happen to suffer from this issue! Send us your review here good or bad!

When To Taake Your Prime Male Tablets!

Recent User Feedback

Here is some recent feedback from users taking Prime Male for over two weeks, don't forget to send us your reviews and we will feature you on this post:

“Wanted to improve my performance and lose some weight! I found Prime Male on a Google search and gave it a go. After the first few days I felt no effect on my performance or energy. After three weeks of continuis use I started to feel more energetic and felt I had a spring back in my step. Been using for a few months now and would recommend to anyone looking to get active & feel better libido. Im 45 and feel 35 again! Jim, UK.”

“PrimeMale was a great addition to my supplement cycle, I have been taking a variety of supplements because I know them to help with my health in general. I had heard so many mixed reviews about Prime Male and wanted to try for myself. SO, i finally started back in May and have been using ever since! Initial stomach aches for the first few days, but because I persevered I found Prime Male to be one of the best formulas around. Tim, 56, Canada.


Prime Male provides a reliable formula that covers all aspects of better testosterone levels! It promotes general health as well as better hormone production for male over the age of 35 and provides bodybuilders with the ability to build or burn muscle mass at a faster rate. Although it can cause some stomach upsets because of the potency of the ingredients, if you want a healthier body this may be something you have to overcome.

Remember – We are always looking for reviews into this formula and will update this PrimeMale review as and when we receive new information! We may ask for proof of purchase for your testimonial to be featured on this post. Good or bad! Send your detailed review here.

Sources, Clinical Trials, and Scientific References:

Want to know where we get our research information? Listed below are some articles and papers explaining all we know about Prime Male for your research and investigations!

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