Prime Test Review Created By Prime Labs

Prime Test boasts of its capable testosterone boosting abilities by ONLY using natural plant extracts! These are bold claims and made by hundreds of different marketing brands across the internet!

But what makes Prime Test better than the rest?

  • Do they use something other products do not?
  • Or are they just another snake oil brand peddling false promises but good marketing abilities?

These are all the questions we will answer in this Prime Test review; we will also be revealing to you ingredients, side effects and our final recommendation on the use of this t-boosting supplement.

Having higher levels of this hormone is positive for any man, it improves things such as energy, fatigue, muscle growth, weight loss & libido younger men take for granted! For many years now the supplement industry has been bombarded with many different versions of t-boosters, with only a few making an improvement!

Who Are Prime Test?

The Prime Test testosterone booster is big on Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces, boasting thousands of sales! Sold by a company called Prime Labs who are ONLY contactable through different online stores. They claim to have created a testosterone boosting agent that is more effective than testosterone boosting therapy!

If you're looking to start using Prime Test, then they claim to be capable of producing real results, such as:

  1. Build leaner & stronger muscle mass
  2. Better blood circulation
  3. Stronger Bones
  4. Reduced fatigue
  5. More alert & focused
  6. Happier, energetic and spritely


Orchic Substance. Encourages healthy levels of hormones and is claimed to help users with better t-levels. Extracted from cattle testicles which may make some users squeamish! Most medical journals do not have sufficient evidence to suggest it improves a users testosterone levels!

Horney Goats Weed. Known for its ability to lower blood pressure, but also enhances the user's blood pressure. Also considered an aphrodisiac among many Chinese and Indian users.

Wild Yam. Has been proven effective at reducing users levels of estrogen, which is the female form of testosterone. If a male has higher levels of estrogen, then they will suffer from lower levels of testosterone! So, logically reducing your levels of estrogen will theoretically improve the overall free testosterone levels!

Nettle Root Extract. This ingredient is capable of improving your levels of “free testosterone” by preventing it from binding to the hormone (globulin) known as a testosterone killer!

Boron. Which is a type of mineral that can help you to keep healthy by improving many bodily functions such as bones, hormones, skin, and joints?

Sarsaparilla. Offers the user joint and skin health, but also shows some small signs of better testosterone levels.

Tongkat Ali. Most testosterone boosting supplement use this ingredient in their formulas. Although it does not show much improvement on paper, many users all over the world use it for this reason!

Saw Palmetto Is considered to be effective in reducing hair loss, regulating testosterone and improving muscle growth. But, it's the same again not much positive proof to back-up these claims among professionals.

Benefits Of Prime Test

  • Enjoy ingredient that's generally safe, natural and effective
  • Improves healthy levels of hormones, energy, stamina and muscle growth
  • Improves your general performance & libido
  • Money back guarantees
  • Fairly priced


  • The formula does not list volumes of ingredients
  • Some overhyped claims

Side Effects

There are some reported issues relating to side effects, although none are considered severe. Because these types of products can change the levels of hormones in the body means these are quite potent and side effects can occur. Among a variety of side effects, we are concerned with reports of constipation, stomach aches, and headaches.

These may not seem severe to many of us, but, if you happen to be suffering from a form of any medical issue then would ask you to consult with a doctor before use! The same goes for users who use any prescription medication because of the unknown effects on the body!

What Is The User Opinion

Let's look at this way. Prime test is a trendy brand on Amazon; it has made thousands of sales to users all around the world. So, there are over 12 thousand reviews left for this supplement, with more than 8 thousand 5 star positive reviews. The Prime Test product is popular and must offer these users some benefits.

Prime Test Ratings, Reviews & Official Supplier

  • Effects – Testosterone booster
  • Sales History – 2+ years
  • Ingredient Types – Natural
  • Side Effects – Constipation & headaches
  • Customer Opinion – 72% positive
  • Money Back Guarantee – 30 days
  • Price Range – $19.99 to $21.99
  • Available For Delivery – International


Prime Test is a favorite brand of t-booster, it enjoys a substantially favorable rating from over eight thousand positive reviews. Adding this to the ingredients which offer a positive effect on the user's testosterone makes Prime Test a great product. It can safely improve your workout, testosterone, muscle growth and stamina levels.

There are not many supplements on the web that can present these facts, so if testosterone boosting is what you want, then we advise our readers to try this product.

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