Proactol XS Review – Ingredients, Side Effects & Its Fat Binding Ability!

Since weight loss is becoming more difficult by the day, scientists are coming up with more sophisticated ways to fight it. The conventional methods seem to have failed, and more proactive actions like the use of fat binders have become the norm!

The Fat Binder!

Fat binders are common dietary supplements which are designed to help people lose weight. They work by limiting the amount of fat absorbed and stored by the body. A new entrant to the fat-binder niche is Proactol XS, and it claims to bind as much as 800 times the fat in your body. Read our Proactol XS review to learn everything you need to know about using this famous brand!

What is Proactol XS?

A fat binder that's clinically proven as well as medically certified to reduce weight. It has a natural source of fiber known as Chitosan which contains binding power.

Proactol XS binds fat into a gel-like compound which attracts cholesterol and fats like a magnet and in so doing prevents it from being absorbed through digestion.

How does Proactol XS work?

The fat binder contains Chitosan, which is a fat-binder that also includes natural non-soluble fibers. When taken, the active ingredients in the pill draw itself to dietary fat and cholesterol forming a substance which the body cannot digest.

This means that the fat in the food is passed through your body and passed off as waste. Thus reducing your intake of fat which makes weight loss very easy. If you combine the pill with exercise, you will lose weight faster because you are consuming less fat.


Chitosan is the essential ingredient in Proactol XS. It is a natural but powerful fiber source. It contains a high capacity for binding lipids which is what makes it able to neutralize calories derived from foods containing high calories. The main reason you gain weight is that taking in excessive fatty foods. By restricting your intake of the fats, weight loss becomes more achievable because you now have less fat levels to burn.

Side effects

The main active ingredient in Proactol XS is Chitosan. Chitosan makes the diet pill suitable for use by even those who don’t eat pork or other meats derived from animals. Proactol XS is ideal for all and sundry, vegetarians and vegans alike. But if incorrectly used, it can lead to serious side effects. Make sure that you stick to the dosage instructions contained on the product label.


It is however not advisable to be taken by pregnant and breastfeeding women. Because after discharging the dietary fats, there is a possibility that the nutrients will not find their way to the embryo where the fetus is residing. In general, however, the product is safe and should be consumed by any healthy adult without any problem.

User review

“If you are looking for a permanent approach to lose weight, the best way to go is the Proactol XS way. You will be able to lose a lot of weight because it restricts your consumption of fat in the food. It will help you a lot in your weight loss quest.”


  • Does not require a prescription
  • It is completely natural
  • It is also medically certified and clinically proven
  • Doctors recommend it
  • Suitable for both vegetarians and vegans
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Gives you an energy boost
  • No major side effects
  • Helps you lose weight quickly
  • Great reviews from users


  • Both vegetarians and vegans can use it SAFELY
  • Can lead to serious side effects if the dosage instructions are ignored! I.e., constipation and stomach cramps
  • Only available on their official website!

Proactol XS is a very innovative way to lose weight. It works by preventing absorption of fat content in the diet. The result is that you will absorb less fat, something that makes the weight loss war easier on your part.

It is generally safe and effective. Every healthy adult can use it without any fears. However, pregnant mothers, as well as those who are nursing, should not use it. At least, they should first consult their doctors. The product is readily available from the manufacturer website, and delivery takes 3-4 days after ordering!

Recent reader questions

How does Proactol XS compare to XLS Medical?

Proactol XS & XLS Medical are both fat binders and target the fat build up in your stomach. Proactol XLS in our opinion does a better job at this and receives fewer side effects from its many users. We always recommend Proactol XS compared to XLS Medical to all our readers because it has a superior formula and safer on your digestive system!

Does Proactol XS work instantly on stomach fat?

Yes, it gets to work from day one binding fat from being digested. You do not have to build up over a few days like other leading providers,

Do I have to exercise to see weight loss results?

No, but it does help if you are more active because it will help you shed more weight. Remember to reduce your overall calorie intake and you will see results in a few weeks taking Proactol XS daily as advised.

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