Prohormones And Why They Are Not The Answer To Steroid Use!

The Prohormone Guidebook!
The Prohormone Guidebook!

In this article, we will be exposing the truth behind prohormones and revealing if we believe them to be the answer to anabolic steroids! Are they safer and do they provide lifters with tremendous muscle growth & better testosterone?

We have all heard the stories of anabolic steroid users and how they gain muscle at the drop of a hat. Steroids/anabolics make you super strong, energetic and give you that get up and go when working out!

But, we have also heard horror stories from long-term users of steroids who suffer strokes, liver disease, and heart failure! Yes, steroids and anabolic type drugs work to a certain extent.

But, keeping your health wins every time, especially if you have seen the devastating effects that these drugs will cause to our bodies over the long-term!

Are Prohormone An Alternative To Steroids?

If your looking for safer alternatives to steroids, then you will have been presented with ads selling prohormones. Maybe your up to the point of researching these drugs and wondering if they will suit your workout needs! Are they safe? And will they cause you to build muscle, strength, and stamina?

Here at Body Bros we have had extensive knowledge of prohormones and have first-hand experience. Before we can answer these questions, we first need to explain what prohormones are and how they MIGHT benefit muscle growth and training!

What Are Prohormones?

What Are Prohormones?
What Are Prohormones?

Prohormones are very similar to steroids! Yes, they convert into hormones when processed by the liver, through a process called “biosynthesis.” Biosynthesis is how general steroids work excluding anabolic type steroids which work instantly, such as testosterone injections!

In other words, Prohormones are another type of steroid alternatives with a different name! Although nowhere near as potent because they need to be broken down and converted into hormones!

Prohormones are all made differently; some have names that resemble steroids where some compounds are unique! Since the early 60’s prohormones have been researched, experimented with and trialed, ever since the bodybuilding world hit new highs and steroids become obsolete because they are illegal to use, prohormones have become the number 1 quick fix to building muscle.

The FDA had to ban a variety of compounds (source) in 2014 because they were dangerous and a synthetic form of steroids. With the ever-changing muscle pills becoming available on the internet, users will never receive the same compound from one supplier to the other. The markets saturated with the latest prohormones, SARMS, and legal steroids!

Are Prohormones Safe?

NO, prohormones are just as bad as steroids! They need to be broken down through the liver and converted into testosterone and other hormones! Your liver was NOT made to withstand this amount of conversion; users are poisoning their organs.

Prohormones Cause Liver Damage
Prohormones Cause Liver Damage

If you drink alcohol to excess, your liver becomes scarred, and you will end up suffering from Cirrhosis of the liver. The same applies to the overuse of prohormones, steroids, and SARMS!

Prohormones VS Anabolic Steroids

Prohormones VS Steroids
Prohormones VS Steroids

If we had to choose between the two options, we would use steroids, but again who created these products and was there any other substance added for a bigger bang!

Steroids are much cleaner, but the same applies to users of unregulated drugs that boost hormone levels primarily through biosynthesis, your liver, and other internal organs suffer! 

Prohormones are becoming a severe concern for younger guys thinking they can order a bottle of tablets, work out and get buff without worrying about the detrimental side effects associated with the overuse of prohormones!

Are Prohormones Legal To Buy Or Use?

Yes, in the UK and many European countries. But, in the USA, Canada, New Zealand And Australia there are far more restrictions.

If you reside in the US then be careful when ordering prohormones over the internet, some websites will let you buy them, but when you have them shipped in outside of the US, they’ll get confiscated because they are banned. You may also end up with a record due to importing an illegal substance!

  • The UK (Available)
  • The USA (Restricted)
  • Canada (Restricted)
  • New Zealand (Restricted)
  • Australia (Restricted)
  • Other European Countries (Available)

Mentioned earlier the FDA banned a wide selection of compounds they discovered to resemble steroids! If the mixture you are ordering is on this list, then do not order those compounds.

The same applies to Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. If you reside in a country not mentioned in this list, then check before you buy!

Do Prohormones Work?

Yes, prohormones work to a certain extent. They are popular because they affect your body through better muscle growth and stamina rates. They offer the user a quicker response to lifting weights and work in the same way as steroids. You can burn, define and bulk just like steroids but they only offer a milder anabolic effect.

  • Muscle growth
  • Muscle definition
  • Stamina/strength increase

But they do not last long! You will get an initial energy burst and muscle gain, after a few months of use, prohormones tend to dissipate. Some users then stack a variety of brands to overcome this obstacle and avoid the many side effects. We are in no way endorsing prohormones and advise you to keep away from hormone altering compounds due to being unregulated!

Testosterone Boosters VS Prohormones?

If your looking for a safer way to improve your levels using a testosterone booster to increase freeflowing testosterone is much more reliable than the alternative, prohormones will produce higher levels of testosterone where t-boosters concentrate on levels already flowing around your body.

Both can cause health issues, but the majority of supplements use only natural ingredients, so you are going to experience considerably fewer side effects.

  1. Prohormones = Higher levels of testosterone
  2. Testosterone Boosters = More free-flowing testosterone

The Prohormone Side Effects

The Prohormone Side Effects
The Prohormone Side Effects

Much like anabolic drugs, prohormones cause side effects. They are vast and can vary between users. Because your liver is playing a pivotal role in the production of these hormones, you are putting it under immense pressure.

Many scientists/specialists have revealed the ever-changing and dangerous world of sports enhancement drugs, especially SARMS/prohormones.

Because these products are unnatural and can be poisonous to your body, they will cause liver failure and disease over time! Many clinical studies and experiments have shown the users liver to come under tremendous pressure to process these mixtures!

  • Liver organ failure
  • Liver disease
  • Heart palpitations

Our Prohormone Conclusion!

After many years of experiencing prohormones, we can safely say that they are dangerous. Yes, they work! But only to a certain degree. If you want to build a durable and muscular body, then you should not invest your time and money in purchasing prohormones! We believe that there are many safer alternatives to steroids available to buy on the web.

All-in-all prohormones are more trouble than they are worth! Which is coming from someone who has used prohormones many times before!

Yes, steroids work much better, but again the side effects are just as severe! For long life, good health and a sturdy body you should invest in natural boosters, hard work and a good diet!

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