Review Of Clear Muscle: Ingredients, Feedback And Side Effects

Clear Muscle

Clear Muscle

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7.5 /10

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7.5 /10


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Muscle Tech promotes their flagship product Clear Muscle as one of the best options available for bodybuilders. It has a huge amount of followers and receives many positive reviews. Users have claimed it can help them gain a huge amount of mass over a shorter period of time, compared to the competition!

So this Clear Muscle review will be evaluating ingredients and any clinical evidence of the claims made through their website. Muscle Tech’s been an established brand within the bodybuilding world for some time now.

They make a point of backing up their products with claims of scientific research and clinical studies! Our job is to confirm or deny these claims through a series of tests we carry out on all out supplement reviews here are Approved Revuewz!

So What Is Cear Muscle And How Does It Work?

Clear Muscle have attracted a lot of attention because Muscle Tech have made huge claims and promises when initially marketing this supplement. Many users were very sceptical, but wanted to see if results lived up to all it these bloated claims.

Being slightly different version of of the popular HMB supplement by Optimum Nutrition which is another popular brand. HMB has been on the market for many years and has a large amount of data that reveals promising results!

Muscle Tech claims to take the results of HMB to a whole new level. They do this by offering a free acid form of HMB as opposed to the typical Calcium HMB. By utilizing a free acid HMB in the form of BetaTor improves the level of effectiveness and delivers superior results.

What Are The Benefits?

The purpose and benefits are simple and designed to:

  1. Reduce muscles recovery times
  2. Boost strength and stamina
  3. Encourage the growth of lean muscle

Does It Provide Clear Proof?

It is always difficult to know if a supplement is the “real deal” or until you actually experience it for yourself. Results can vary between users especially when a supplement is widely accepted because of its manufacturer. However, Clear Muscle is backed up by some very convincing research, endorsements and user testimonials.

Clinical Studies – Free-Acid HMB

Back in 2014, a clinical study was conducted at the University of Tampa on free-acid HMB. For a full 24 weeks bodybuilders were extensively trained and exercised. Put through rigorous training methods recommended by professionals and the end result proved that free acid HMB offered results that were superior even when users had been over training.

It produced better gains in muscle mass, strength, endurance and helped athletes recover faster. Conclusion was that muscle gains were double compared to users who did not use free acid HMB. Some users claimed they gained more than fifteen pounds in just twelve weeks of bulking with this supplement.

Not Guaranteed Results!

That doesn’t mean it guarantees you will have the same experience as every user is different. However, it does put this bodybuilding supplement on a totally different level compared to similar products. Having clear proof it actually offers something unique and real results does show this product has great potential!

Advantages Of Using Clear Muscle

This supplement works best for bodybuilders who are able to keep a high level of intensity in the gym and even verge on the brink of over working. Remember it’s not a miracle that will instantly build bulging muscle over a few nights. It goes to show that if you put in the time and effort you will be rewarded with serious gains and quicker growth from using it.

Using Clear Muscle

Using the supplement is a very straight forward process, take two capsules at breakfast and one before you sleep. If you are taking on a training day be sure to take 45 minutes before arriving at the gym. Each bottle contains 84 servings which is enough for a 28 day bodybuilding cycle.

What Are The Side Effects?

User Testimonials reveal that stomach aches can be a common occurrence at first. Remember that different people react differently to individual supplements. Seek a second opinion if you do suffer from any health complications.

User Testimonials

Was an amazing experience that has helped me perform at a better pace in the gym. I have enjoyed great gains in muscle mass with one month gaining about 10lbs after bulking. I found my appetite increased and I could consume much more than before, MoMo.

Final Opinion And Rating…

It’s extremely rare we come across a bodybuilding supplement like Clear Muscle with such conclusive results. However, it’s tough to argue with scientific data revealing that it clearly gives this supplement a leg up on other options. We think this bodybuilding supplement is well worth a look into for anyone that is serious about better gains while achieving your peak performance.

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