SARMS Know The Facts And The Online Epidemic, Coming To A Gym Near You!

SARMS & The Online Epidemic, Know The Facts!
SARMS & The Online Epidemic, Know The Facts!

SARMS are being sold online in their thousands! They are promoted as the next best thing to steroids (legal steroids) and advertised to build and define muscle mass! If you buy these SARMS sold on the web, then you will affect your estrogen/testosterone production capabilities in the future.

Our Word Of Warning: SARMS must ONLY be used in the medical profession for muscle wasting diseases (source). Patients who receive these drugs need to be supervised when they are administered (source). DO NOT purchase SARMS of unknown origin from the internet!

Coming To A Gym Near You!

Yes, SARMS are being sold on the web in the thousands, it has become an epidemic in both the UK and US markets/gyms! “SARMS” Selective androgen receptor modulators are a new type of synthetic drug that’s being cooked up in unregistered labs all over the world!

Because there is a HUGE market for PED’S in gyms up and down the country, users are always looking for the next best PED! We all want a safe and effective way to build more significant muscle mass. But using PED’S such as SARMS, Dianabol, and Testosterone injections are not the way forward. If you want a healthy and robust body, then hard work, dedication, and precision beat these drugs every time!

If your a bodybuilder looking for the next boost for gains and growth, then these new synthetic testosterone drugs are coming to a gym near you! Are they Safe? Is it approved for distribution? Do they even work? These are just some of the questions we will be answering in this news article about the SARMs epidemic!

What Are SARMS?

What Are Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators?
What Are Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators?

SARMS are the new testosterone enhancing drug that is gaining more and more attention because online websites are claiming them to be the next best thing to steroids!

They are a mixture of synthetic ingredients designed to increase the user’s production of hormones! If your thinking of using this new synthetic drug them we would advise you to think again! Continue reading and discover the facts surrounding the Selective androgen receptor modulators craze!

Here are just a few Example Of SARMs

  1. Andarine
  2. Ostarine, MK-2866
  3. Ligandrol
  4. RAD140

Many online retailers are selling these synthetics and labeling them as “natural supplements designed to boost your levels of testosterone!”

Although they might make a difference on some hormone levels, they are becoming more and more potent because the distributors are adding higher volumes to their batches for potency and making them even more dangerous.

Are SARMS Considered Safe?

Are SARMS Considered Safe?
Are SARMS Considered Safe?

No, these SARMS are not safe to use due to the simple fact they have not been tested or investigated for quality! Their safety remains a mystery because of the lack of clinical trials, and scientific research carried out on these new synthetic drugs!

  • Being made in labs where no quality control exists
  • Not approved for consumption by the FDA
  • Lacking any real clinical or scientific evidence for safety

The US Anti-Doping Agency has also found banned substances added in over 30% of randomly purchased SARMS! Yes, this is cause for concern just because of the sheer number of users seeking out these new synthetic legal steroids!

Are SARMS Banned?

Are SARMS approved for use or banned? No, they are prohibited in all professional sports and are considered cheating! SARMS are not recommended for distribution and will become illegal to use and sell in both the UK and US Performance-enhancing markets!

Are SARMS Regulated?

We have been receiving many users asking us this exact question! They are not regulated! And they are being manufactured in laboratories with no quality control!

Do SARMS Work?

Research suggests that a high amount of SARMS have a positive effect on testosterone levels, but more research is needed for a definitive answer! Research also suggests that production of testosterone can be permanently damaged after consuming SARMS!

Yes, but like all PED’S there is a serious health risk!

What Are The Risks?

The Risks Of Taking SARMS
The Risks Of Taking SARMS

No, SARMS have been responsible for many side effects with users reporting to us they have experienced a wide variety of side effects! Because there has not been any formal research or even human trials carried out on SARMS, many side effects have yet to be discovered!

From the long list of issues reported here are the most worrying:

  • Liver toxicity & damage
  • Cause infertility
  • Kidney infections
  • lower testosterone production after use!

Body Bros Word Of Warning!

Just because a company claims its formula have used only natural ingredients does not make it so! Our word of warning to our readers is to make sure you examine the mix used in any supplement before you purchase it on the web! For the simple fact that some websites are selling SARMS and not even declaring it to their customers.

WARNING: Avoid the SARMS Epidemic and save your health!

We would put SARMS in the same bracket as anabolic steroids, they are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. No one knows what ingredients are being packed into these bottles targetting bodybuilders!

The research carried out by the FDA (source) proves that many online retailers of SARMS are adding banned and dangerous substances to their formulas for better reorders and feedback!

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