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Testogen claims to be a superior testosterone enhancer with heightened benefits of energy, weight loss, and muscle definition. But, like all testosterone supplements on the web, they are all claiming to be the No1 since the internet began. So, how do you know if Testogen works as advertised?

Here at Body Bros, we have extensive knowledge of all forms of supplements and will be exposing Testogen for what it is! Good or bad!

Featured in this Testogen review will be facts and research we have received over the years!

Our research into testosterone boosters is intense and we rarely give our seal of approval to this type of supplement!

FunFact: T-boosters are the most heavily advertised and hyped supplements sold on the internet!

The Testogen Steroid Alternative
The Testogen Steroid Alternative

For over five years the Testogen has been selling their boosting formula to both young and older men for many years! Their marketing method claims Testogen to be an all-natural but effective mixture that has become one of the leading brands I the fight against low levels of testosterone!

Although, many younger men with peak levels of this hormone are using it for bodybuilding and gaining a fitness edge! Are these claims realistic? And can Testogen live-up to expectations? Continue reading this Testogen review and we will reveal all!

Body Bros Review Process!

Are these claims true? And can they back up these claims with research & hard evidence? Our Testogen review covers all you need to know before you commit to consuming this product.

  • Discover the many natural ingredients
  • Read actual customer reviews
  • Explore the health risks and side effects
  • Does Testogen actually work as advertised?

Who Are Testogen?

Based in the UK/USA Testogen has become a well-known brand among users. It enjoys above average reviews and a higher than average re-order rate. With a money-back guarantee, trackable shipping and good customer care, Testogen stands out from the rest.

Boasting 5 years of sales that can compare with other leading brands such as TestoFuel, Testo Max and TestoFen. With natural ingredients and research to back-up their claims, Testogen ticks all the right boxes from the outside!

The Testogen Review Breakdown!

  • Effects – Testosterone boosting
  • Sales History – 5 years +
  • Ingredient Types – Natural extracts
  • Side Effects – None Reported or experienced!
  • Customer Opinion – 68% positive
  • Money-Back Guarantee – 60 days
  • Price Range – $49.00
  • Available For Delivery – Worldwide

The Testosterone Boosting Farce!

Out of all the supplements testosterone boosters are among the worst performers! Yes, the majority of products do not work and will only cause your stomach to ache! But, there are a few products we know to affect your free “FLOWING” testosterone!

Because there is no scientific evidence to suggest that these supplements can improve hormone levels, the majority of products are now claiming to ONLY benefit free-flowing testosterone.

How Does Testogen Work?


Testogen does not claim to contain testosterone, but, by providing a mixture of ingredients to contribute better production of testosterone. Hormones are abundant in the human body but by improving the environment and providing the ingredients to help heighten the productions of various hormones, Testogen has mixed a formula that makes a difference!

With the majority of ingredients used in Testogen to be herbal super-ingredients used all around the world. Although some research is sketchy, the majority of research into these ingredients are positive!

Apart from improving hormones/testosterone, Testogen claims that by improving the levels of a variety of hormones will enhance:

  1. Libido
  2. Performance
  3. Bodybuilding needs
  4. Stamina and strength
  5. Weight loss
  6. Fitness and endurance

You can read as many Testogen reviews as you like! But, before making a purchase please be sure you are not intolerant to stimulants. Knowing how & why a supplement works will give you a much better understanding of how successful it may be.

The Testogen Formula


The Testogen formula consists of:

All ingredients are researched and well documented to help boost or improve your levels of hormones, including testosterone! With measured ingredients with no fillers, you know you are using premium ingredients that will make a difference. From our research, you should start to see an improvement with 2 to 3 weeks of constant use!

Side Effects Of Testogen!

We have been using Testogen for many years and have never experienced any side effects apart from yellow urine. We put this down to the variety of ingredients that make up this formula!

Other Testogen reviews have revealed stomach aches, but these reports are very few and far between! We know Testogen is safe because of the low rate of side effects. If you happen to be taking any other medication, then we suggest you check with a professional before purchasing it!

Why Use Testogen?

  1. Natural ingredients derived from plants, roots, and minerals.
  2. The Testogen formula can backup their ingredients through scientific and extensive clinical research.
  3. Easy returns policy, just send back the box and unused tablets.
  4. Trackable shipping, straight from the website!
  5. A high volume of Testogen reviews are positive and will reorder.

Testogen Reviews [Previous Customers]

“Having tried just about every product I know of to assist with testosterone, I noticed Testogen were advertising on Facebook and wanted to prove a supplement brand wrong once again! But I was very wrong and found it to be a great addition to my bodybuilding cycles, Testogen is not like the real thing! But it does a good job and will continue using in the long-term.” Damian K, Orlando

I am happy to reccomend Testogen because I have been using their product for five months now and I am 100% happy to have found this product. I use it for bodybuilding and I feel it has helped with muscle definition and my rate of workouts. Great company and always happy to answer any questions you might have on their instant chat feature. Tony, UK.

The Conclusion!

Testogen has done extremely well in formulating their supplement and putting in the research. It can stand along many of the leading brands in this market. With a good sales history and excellent benefits from our own use over the years, we are happy to give Testogen our seal of approval.

If you want to boost fitness, libido for various reasons then Testogen can step up to the challenge. Both bodybuilders and users wanting to improve libido will benefit more than general fitness and exercising.

Help Us Review

Many users have experience with testosterone boosters, we would love to hear your reviews and feedback. Submitting Testogen reviews or any other brand in this market will help our own readers to understand how it works and is it effective! Submit any testimonial here and be featured on our website.

Testogen Breakdown! 34.99

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Product Description: Testogen has been sold in the UK & US for many years! It competes with the other top brands for boosting testosterone because it has such a good user rating! With many ingredients that are well-known to improve hormone levels!

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