Testo Max Review – Ingredients, Side Effects & User Ratings

Want to improve your testosterone levels? Maybe you're a bodybuilder or just looking for a solid testosterone booster for personal circumstances? Then, this Testo Max review will be explaining all you need to know about this T-booster!

Created, sold & distributed by a company called Crazy Bulk, who have a wide selection of favorite agents available through their online store! Their Testo Max formula was created back in 2012 and had a few new ingredients added over the years. Because of new research & scientific evidence!

Crazy Bulk claims to have perfected their T-booster for all to use and reap the benefits! But Are these claims valid? Continue reading, and we will make our opinion known at the end of this Testo Max review!

Testo Max By Crazy Bulk

Testo Max By Crazy Bulk

Testo Max Claims:

Like most online supplement companies, they make wild claims and then have to back up these claims through scientific evidence. Many cannot, and because of this, they end up being thrown in the trash because they do not work!

Testo Max claims to back up their claims with real science! Which will be explained further down in this review, but the central claims by Testo Max are:

  1. Better stamina, energy, and strength
  2. Easier to build muscle growth
  3. Focus and determination

Unfortunately, the body’s ability to produce this hormone declines over time. Detailed below:

How Much testosterone Reduces over-time In Men

How much testosterone reduces over-time In men

Over time we lose testosterone levels, no matter who you are! If you are over thirty, then you may have noticed the effects of lower levels of this hormone already! Testosterone levels are significant; it manages many bodily functions such as:

  • Energy
  • Hair
  • Bone density
  • Muscle mass
  • Stamina
  • Libido

These are all important to males because it makes us who we are, starting at puberty, Once we get to 20 we are at the peak of testosterone production, then It's downhill from there!


To make matters worse, the processed foods that we eat does not do anything to help the body replenish the dwindling stocks of testosterone. Reduced testosterone levels lead to many declining problems such as a reduction in libido, energy, muscle mass, strength, and stamina! Added with the fact that being overweight also contributes to low testosterone because fat produces hormones that diminish our already lowering testosterone levels!

How Does Testo Max Work?

Aromatase enzyme and how it suppress testosterone

Aromatase enzyme and how it suppresses testosterone

Like ALL testosterone boosters, they do NOT contain any testosterone! But, use ingredients to suppress aromatase enzymes, which converts testosterone into estrogen making it useless!  Having fewer aromatase enzymes in your body stops it from converting your testosterone, so you technically have more testosterone flowing through your body!

By targeting both free testosterone & the healthy production of hormones makes Testo Max unique! Because most well-known brands only target free levels of testosterone!

Testo Max Targets

  • Free testosterone levels
  • Healthy hormone production


Testo Max Ingredients

Testo Max Ingredients

These plants extracts are part of their new formula released in 2018. The Testo Max recipe only consists of plants claimed to enhance our levels of testosterone naturally. With added vitamins and minerals to keep the body in top condition!

  • Boron. Help keeps your hormone levels healthy.
  • Fenugreek. Improves libido, stamina & performance.
  • Red ginseng extracts. Improves libido & boosts a users energy.
  • Nettle Leaf Extract. Known to reduce aromatase enzymes.
  • D aspartic acid. Well known to help with hormone levels.
  • Vitamin B12. Keeps your bodily functions healthy.

Review Sources

The review sources above confirms that Testo Max can back up their claims of better testosterone levels! Some have more evidence than others, but their claims are backed up by our research.


  1. Science backs Testo Max claims
  2. Utterly safe because it utilizes natural plant-based extracts
  3. Does not cause toxicity to the liver or kidneys
  4. Worldwide delivery
  5. Money back guarantees
  6. Discreet & secure shipping


  • Can only be purchased on the web from the official Crazy Bulk Store
  • Some side effects mentioned in 8/9% of reviews

Side effects

Being made from 100% plant extracts, it would be a surprise if it caused side effects.

Any side effects reported are:

  • Sickness
  • Dizziness

Yes, users have reported side effects, on average 9% of users reported experiencing sickness and dizziness. Although not severe or even prolonged, readers should be aware of this! Are you taking any medications? Then, make sure you check with your pharmacist before you start taking Testo Max!

Directions of use

The recommended dosage for this supplement is 1-3 tablets a day. Take this on a daily bases even when you are not lifting. It is best to take it with meals because it can make you feel sick on an empty stomach. On your workout days, take a tablet 40 minutes before your workout.

Bodybuilding Phases

Testo Max is for both bulking and cutting phases. It can also be stacked with other Crazy Bulk products because stacks will enhance their effects. If you are interested in bundles/stacks, then read our review on the most effective stacks here!

User review of Testo Max

“I bought T-Max supplement 4 weeks ago and boy, this is the best testosterone boosting supplement I have ever used. The manufacturers say that it's based upon a plant extract, which explains why Iam finding it safe. My strength levels have gone a notch higher and my reps have improved. Jamie V, UK.

Information On Testo Max

  • Effects – Testosterone boosting
  • Sales History – 6 years
  • Ingredient Type – Natural
  • Side Effects – Sickness 9% of users
  • Customer Opinion – 74% positive
  • Money Back Guarantee – 30 days
  • Price Range – $38.00
  • Available For Delivery – Worldwide
  • Official Website – CLICK HERE


Testo-Max has become one of the leading natural t-boosters looks set to become one of the most successful testosterone boosters of all time. Luckily, Testo-Max was produced to improve FREE testosterone, so you are NOT taking testosterone! The supplement is not only safe but also hugely effective.

Can I use this supplement for cutting?

Yes, you can use Testo-Max for both bulking and cut cycles. It is featured in both types of stacks and regarded as a great stand-alone booster.

How long does it take to receive the benefits of Testo Max?

This varies from user to user, some users report seeing results in a few weeks. Other reports improved focus and energy after a few days of use! We would say that realistically around 2 to 3 weeks of continuous use and you will experience the benefits of this supplement.

Can I buy in bulk from Crazy Bulk and get a discount?

Yes, you are able to buy in bulk, their offer at the moment for 2018 if you buy 2 and get one free. This is a continuing offer they have provided since 2013.

Want to stack Testo Max?

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