The Increase Of Fake BodyBuilding Supplements Being Sold On The Web!

Are the supplements your purchasing from the web legit? Or, are you one of the thousands of customers buying fake bodybuilding supplements? There is considerable evidence that many websites and marketplaces are selling bodybuilding supplements that are turning out to be reproductions!

Yes, there has been an influx of fake products making their way around the internet to customers that are oblivious to this scam! Would you know if your whey, protein or performance supplements were bogus?

The most popular bodybuilding brands costing $50 and upwards makes them a very lucrative product to copy and reproduce! Added with the massive boost in the sale of bodybuilding supplements over the last few years because of many people wanting the “Hollywood or love island body.”

Identifying Fake Supplements!

In this article, we are going to be offering our advice on how to avoid the influx of faked bodybuilding supplements. But also we will be showing you some examples of counterfeited products so if you do happen to order something that's not legitimate, you can avoid using it because who knows what it might contain! A fake product can be hard to spot if you have never used the product before. Or you do not know what to look out for when inspecting your order!

The packaging Label. Does it look crisps and clear? Is it the right color and does the seal overlap the container? These are the basic things to look out when recognizing a fake product. Here are some other significant giveaways:

  • Packaging quality
  • Holographic logo
  • Sell by date
  • Barcode
  • Seal of authenticity

Perfect Example Of A Legitimate Supplement Seal!

Good Suppleemnt Seal

Good Supplement Seal

If your bodybuilding supplement seal does not look like this, then it may be a fake!

Left is an original and the right one right is a fake seal

Left is an original and the right one is a typical fake seal

The most important way to determine if your products have been faked is the seal. Take off the screw lid and check to see if it's airtight and tidy. If it's hanging over the edges with no logo, branded name or “sealed for protection,” then your supplement may have been faked! Made in a factory that will fill your tub with glucose, flour, and flavorings!

Sometimes It's Not Possible to Tell!

Sometimes its impossible to determine if your supplements are fake because the companies producing them have got the packaging perfected. You have to remember that some operations have put so much money and effort into their reproductions that it's virtually impossible to determine if its a fake unless you contact the real company and give them the barcode and a sample of the contents! This why so many fraudulent sellers are getting away with this black market operation!

Our Own Experience Of Fake Supplements

“I have seen many fake powders and capsules over the years! In the early days, the copies and packaging were poor, and it was very straightforward to tell them apart! In recent years some products have been perfected and are virtually impossible to tell! Unless you actually tasted the formula! Yes, Powders can be sampled, but capsules are swallowed and impossible to tell if the packaging is perfected!”

Here Are The Most Copied Supplements We See

  • Optimum Nutrition (ON)
  • Muscle Tech
  • JYM Supplement Science
  • Kaged Muscle
  • Cellucor
  • BSN

How To Avoid Buying Faked Supplements?

We all love a bargain! But, the easiest way to avoid fake products is to buy them from reputable & authentic online stores. It's as simple as that! If you're looking for cheaper alternatives then fair enough! But, if you're going to buy the more popular brands at high reductions then be prepared to receive a reproduction of your favorite bodybuilding supplement!

Here are a few pointers to make sure your products are legitimate!

  • Buy from the brand's official website
  • Buy from well-known sites such as GNC,, ETC
  • Never buy products for huge discounts unless from the original provider
  • Always be cautious of low-low offers, If it's too good to be true then it should be avoided!

Things To Lookout For

  • Some review websites will send you to fake products, so be sure to check the storefront URLs
  • eBay has a high volume of counterfeit bodybuilding supplements openly sold on their marketplace.
  • Many other marketplaces are a big no-no for buying high-end supplements
  • Make sure you check your address bar when making a purchase!
  • Never EVER buy through email, this is because 99% of spam emails will send you to a fake gateway
  • Be cautious of adverts, if you want a supplement then search for yourself through Google or Bing
Secure URL bar before making a purchase

Secure URL bar before making a purchase

We know that bodybuilding supplements are a great way to improve your results when building muscle! But, using a product that's been faked can cause you some serious health issues! Because the fake products contain inferior mixtures and low-quality ingredients that have been packaged in an unsanitary environment! Using these simple tips above will guarantee you avoid the influx of supplements being shipped around the world!

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