Supplement Scams Could Be Poisoning Your Liver Instead Of Boosting Health!

The supplement industry is going crazy! With thousands popping up each month vying for your money. Learn how to distinguish between a researched supplement and popup supplement supplier! Knowing these simple techniques listed in this post could save your liver from poisonous substances and dangerous formulas!

Regulating Supplements

The FDA or M.H.R.A do not scrutinize supplements because they are classed as foodstuff, which is worrying because some ingredients in these formulas will harm the liver! We have analysed many reports from nutritionists to scientists over the years all regarding ingredients being randomly mixed!

Mixture Of Supplements

Mixture Of Supplements

The Supplement Scam

A high number of entrepreneurs are creating supplements and heavily advertising through online platforms! Performance supplements are the most sort after because they're easy to promote due to them being the most popular and more lucrative! Sellers are charging 40,50,60 dollars for a bottle of 30 pills that may only last a week or two!

The Scam!

Call a supplement something funky like “Test It Up” add an inviting logo and your the customers will roll in! Scammers are making high amounts of money with this churn and burn business model. Its also advertised and sold to users looking for an online business idea!

Anyone can start selling supplements! All you need is a keypad and a small amount of money, and you can start selling! Contact a manufacturing company sends them a list of ingredients, and you get a unit price!

Order 100 units and start selling, it's that simple! I know of many entrepreneurs who are still doing this business model today! Advertising through online platforms, set up a payment plan with the customer and bill them once a month until they cancel their subscription!

  1. Do they care what their formula is doing to your health?
  2. Are these supplements regulated at manufacturing levels?

No! Anyone can order from many companies around the world that will mix your formula and ship it straight to your door! Many sellers are buying advertising space on Facebook and search engines to promote their products to potential customers who believe that these churn and burn supplements are going to work!

Random Mixtures

Sellers might read some basic research or no research at all! They use what ingredients are accessible to them at that time! Maybe a particular ingredient has been featured in the news or on TV. Make up a random mix using this ingredient and ride to free publicity train straight to the bank!

Liver Damaging Ingredients

Some substances are worse than others, but the majority of the ingredients below can have an irreversible effect on your livers function.

Here is a list of some of the more dangerous substances added to many supplements:

  • Caffeine Powder
  • Chaparral
  • Coltsfoot
  • Comfrey
  • Celandine
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Kava
  • Lobelia
  • Usnic Acid
  • Wolfsbane
  • Yohimbe

Just doing a simple search on WebMD will show you that these ingredients should be avoided! And this is only a small number of substances that have been clinically proven to cause liver damage and other health complications!

Stronger Mixes & More Capsules!

Toxic Effect

Toxic Effect

Mixes are becoming stronger, and the dosage instructions are conveniently increasing. That means more strain is being put on your liver and kidneys to process these products! Some sellers are advising customers to take up to 10 to 12 tablets a day to get the best results! Consuming 10, 11, or even 12 capsules a day is becoming the standard rate for some companies. All for profit and a better reorder rate!

Stacking Supplements

Another popular trend is stacking! Many sellers are advising users to stack a range of their best supplements, which means the amount is tripled or even doubled again!. All for better performance and hormone improvements!

Worst Candidates

The more dangerous categories are:

  1. Bodybuilding supplements
  2. Testosterone boosters
  3. Sports Improvements
  4. Men's health

These are the worst categories and are becoming a worrying situation! We review many supplements and have investigated hundreds of formulas going back to 2010. But the sheer volumes are growing at an alarming rate! Every week there are new supplements for disaster, and the scam continues!

Should The Supplement Industry Be Regulated?

Yes, the supplement industry needs regulating due to the practices of many online outlets. Manufacturing level needs to be adjusted, and universal rules implemented. Dosage recommendations should be published for all to follow and many ingredients need banning from being used for supplementation!

Our Advice

Our advice is simple, and we repeat this to all our readers; investigate the company behind the product. Investigate the ingredients yourself and if in doubt don't use it! If you're offered a supplement that's advertised on the web, through email or directly contacted, then be wary because this is how most entrepreneurs sell their products!

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