The Ultimate List Of Testosterone Boosters UK

The Benefits Of Testosterone Boosting
The Benefits Of Testosterone Boosting

Everyone seems to be talking about “TESTOSTERONE BOOSTERS” sold in the UK with huge potential! Here at Body Bros, we have used many of these so-called “supplements” and we’re not impressed. Since the early days of the internet, companies have been churning out these so-called Testosterone boosting supplements and claiming them to be as good, if not better than prescribed hormone injections!

We have learned the hard way and know there are no short cuts or “miracle boosters” that work just like the real thing! Because steroids are made with testosterone and other related hormones, there is no such thing as supplemented testosterone. SARMS & Peptides are also now being pushed onto bodybuilders as the next best thing but the health complications are dangerous and downright ludicrous!

How To Discover The Right Supplement?

So, we have put together a list of testosterone boosters that we know work great! But, remember these products DO NOT contain any hormones, they work in a way of improving hormone levels and supporting healthier levels. Do not be fooled by the many ads and pop-ups all over the web claiming to jump-start your reserves and propel you into a new manly man overnight!

We believe that supplements are a key aspect of both bodybuilding goals and performance. They should not cause side effects and should consist of “ONLY” natural ingredients. Our research/experience stretches over many years of experimental use and hard work in the gym.

Because there are so many have a go T-boosting suppliers on the web it can make looking for a decent “testosterone booster in the UK” a huge task! But, we are here to make your journey clearer!

The Testosterone Boosting Contenders!

Our aim in this article is to provide our readers with an ever-increasing list of products. We will not peddle inferior products nor list products that are unsafe and ineffective. All the t-boosters featured will improve a users hormone/testosterone levels over a period of time, but they should not be depended on because they may cause health issues over longer periods of time, due to potency!

In this section of this article, you will discover our top contenders. All products we list have been tried and tested by ourselves and researched for effectiveness. There are no dangerous formulas or sponsored products, no product can buy a position in this article only earn it!

All Testosterone Boosters offer:

  1. A money-back guarantee promise
  2. Worldwide “tracked” shipping
  3. Natural ingredients backed by science



Improving your testosterone levels is key for both cutting and bulking cycles, we all know that those pesky younger guys brimming with testosterone will build muscle at a much quicker rate! TESTO-MAX has been proven time and time again to help increase users testosterone/hormone levels.

TESTO-MAX can be used by all levels and cycles, but more importantly, it can be stacked or used independently! Another point to make is it can be incorporated into all physical sports, not just bodybuilding! Because it’s an exceptional formula backed by science and considered safe for both male and females it comes highly recommended by us!


TESTO-MAX Breakdown:

  • Perfect for all sports and better testosterone
  • Perfect for better libido and performance
  • Can be used independently and stacked for more potency
  • Natural ingredients, backed by science and good for all cycles!

#2. Testogen


Over the years the Testogen has become a solid booster that works great for novices and advanced even lifters. It is safe, effective and really packs a punch to get your hormone levels rising. Our research into this product is good with all ingredients being capable of proving their worth.

Although we still use Testogen as part of a stack for bodybuilding, it fairs extremely well as a stand-alone product. It has stood the test of time because it has always strived to improve its formula based on “NEW” scientific research! Because of this the Testoen brand has adapted and changed with the time and other leading brands!


Testogen Breakdown:

  • Excellent for all sports
  • Greatly improves a user hormone/testosterone
  • More experienced users should “ONLY” stack Testo-Max
  • Natural, Safe & Perfect for cutting/bulking cycles

#3 Testofuel

Testo Fuel Box & Tub
Testo Fuel Box & Tub

Testofuel concentrates on hormone health and is designed to compliment both muscle building and performance levels. It’s one of the more popular brands that boast a good reorder rate and excellent/unique ingredients such as D-Aspartic Acid & Oyster Extract.

Another great aspect of Testofuel is its ability to improve energy and stamina helping the user work harder over a longer period of time. If you are looking to stack Testofuel then there are many options you can choose from because Testofuel is great for all aspects of bodybuilding!

TestoFuel Ingredients
TestoFuel Ingredients

Testofuel Breakdown:

  • Pre-workout, bulking & cutting phases
  • Produces good results for both stacks and stand-alone use
  • Good variety of ingredients providing many muscle-building benefits

The Best Stacks (Bodybuilding)


If you have been bodybuilding for a while and want to take your performance up a gear, then stacking testosterone boosters and bulking supplements will produce a better muscle response!

With the correct stack use over a period of time “6/8 weeks,” scientific research has shown that bodybuilders make better gains.

Here at The Centre Fold Project, we know the power of supplement stacking. We use them nearly every bulking/cutting phase because they work and work well! If you compare a stacked bulk or cut to just a normal high protein diet intake you will gain nearly double benefits compared to not stack.

But what Stack Should I use?

There are hundreds of companies offer stack for testosterone boosting, muscle gains, performance ETC. But, finding a solid supplement supplier can be tricky. Because there are so many fake scams on the web, we have used many stack sand only really recommend two suppliers:

  1. The Crazy Bulk Brand
  2. The Crazy Mass Brand

These two suppliers of supplements have over 10 individual agents that can be stacked or just used singularly!

Testosterone Boosters & Health Risks

We all know that anabolic steroids are dangerous and riddled with many health and legal issues! Yes, they work but are they worth the long term health risks? With t-boosters, you may experience mild side effects such as:

  • Stomach cramps
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle cramps

If your thinking about using testosterone boosters you may experience an increased volume of side effects because some ingredients will cause numerous side effects due to potency. If you have any health/medical needs then we always advise our readers to get checked up before making a purchase!

The Conclusion

Testosterone boosters have become widely used among many sports professionals, athletes and bodybuilders here in the Uk and around the world because they offer many positives with few negatives. If you are serious about building muscle, enhancing libido and improving your stamina then you will find these testosterone boosting products presented in this article will help you achieve goals like never before.

Do not forget to work hard, eat the right diet and stay consistent when building muscle mass. If you would like to ask any question related to boosting your testosterone then feel free to contact us or just ask in the comment section below!

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