Top-Rated Legal Steroids – My Own Personal Opinion!

Do you want to improve performance?

Maybe, looking Gain MORE muscle mass in a shorter period?

Then legal steroids may be your answer!

But, remember steroid alternatives are not some magic pill for overnight success! You still need to put in the hours down the gym lifting heavy when bulking or lifting long and lighter for definition!

Get Bulked Or Cut

Get Bulked Or Cut

After many years of working out and getting nowhere, we went onto supplements which made a small improvement to gains. Then we discovered legal steroids! They made a massive difference to my growth, strength and performance levels. The correct type of legal steroids can make a huge difference in gains!

But finding these so-called legal steroids is extremely hard if you do not know what you're searching! That's why we set up this post, to help our male and female readers to hit the ground running with the best of the best!

How Do We Know This?

Well, because we spent many years experimenting and trying new mixes. After a few years, we found a few suppliers who had real evidence to back up their claims: Listed below are the brands we know to work the best of all!

1, The Crazy Bulk Range

Selection of Crazy Bulk

Selection of Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids

Crazy Bulk is the best all-round providers of legal steroids. They provide a vast supply all boasting different benefits! If you're a serious bodybuilder or looking to bulk quickly, then Crazy Bulk should be put to the top of your list ASAP. Read my own experience using the Crazy Bulk range!

My OWN Personnel Crazy Bulk Choices!

D Bal



D Bal was our first ever supplement we tried in the Crazy Bulk range; it offered terrific gains and stamina! We used it for our 50-day bulking cycle and gained around 17 pounds of muscle mass. But that's not the best part; we also experienced energy and stamina to be able to lift heavier weights than increased over the 50 day period!

  • Huge gains
  • Stamina & power
  • Most successful bulker

Click Here > Full D Bal Review

Testo Max

Testo Max For Testosterone Boosting

Testo Max For Testosterone Boosting

I am over 30 and wanted something to add a bit more endurance and performance to my daily lifestyle, but also wanted the benefits that a bodybuilder can receive from improved testosterone levels! Adding their T-boosting supplement to my bulks and cuts enhanced overall performance and helped with muscle cuts and weight loss when I cut out the bulking foods!

  • Better testosterone levels
  • Max strength
  • Performance
  • Bulking & cutting cycles

Click Here > Full Testo Max Review


Clenbutrol For Cutting

Clenbutrol For Cutting

Yes, sound familiar? Some of us have used Clenbuterol over the years for production and fat burn. But it does cause some severe issues! Unlike the banned steroid, Clenbutrol (without the E) is a cutting agent from the Crazy Bulk range! It does not work like the real thing, but it does offer some of the benefits:

  • Massive energy increases
  • Reduces fat levels
  • Improves fatigue

Click Here > Full Clenbutrol Review

The Best For Me!

Yes, the Crazy Bulk have built a good variety of legal steroids, but the ones above were the best for me! They are natural, safe and offered tremendous results compared to the basic whey and protein shakes I use to use! For me, Crazy Bulk was the best legal steroid, and I still use them to this day!

Want to take it to another level?

Do you want to take these legal steroids to another level? Then Crazy Bulk have provided a choice of stacks categorized into bulking, cutting & strength. Mixed from between 3 to 6 individual supplements that make your growth and workout go through the roof! We must warn you these legal steroid stacks are potent and may cause some issues for a selected few!

My FULL! Experience of Crazy Bulk CLICK HERE

The Ultimate Stack

the ultimate stack

The Ultimate Stack

Like the name suggest this is the ultimate in bulking stacks. Containing x6 of the most potent supplements for bulking up in the Crazy Bulk range. It is not for the weak stomach as it can cause some issues with digestion, but nothing us men can manage! It provides you with a vast variety of ingredients targetting a wide array of benefits for mass gains, such as:

  • Considerable increases in muscle and mass
  • Super levels of strength
  • Stamina and significant boosts in energy
  • A mixture of pre-workouts, bulkers & T-boosting supplements!

Click Here > Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack Review

The HGH Stack

HGH Stack

HGH Stack

Have you heard that The (human growth hormone) HGH regulates how much muscle mass you can achieve? Well, the HGH stack provides a boost in HGH levels by using many natural ingredients. Yes, after many weeks of using this stack I found muscle growth and my bench was up! It is not as powerful as the Ultimate Stack above, but it still packs a punch! Here are some of the benefits we received from using the HGH mix:

  • More significant growth after a few weeks of use!
  • A considerable amount of energy
  • Increased my bench by 30lbs

Click Here > Crazy Bulk HGH Stack Review

Other Legal Steroid Stacks

Crazy Bulk also provides a cutting & strength stack, although we have not tried these yet they do look tasty! Maybe one of our readers have used or are going to use these legal steroids! If you beat us to it, then please let us know your thoughts & experiences in a detailed review, and we will dedicate it to you personally? Let us know through our contact form here!

Read My Full Crazy Bulk Review CLICK HERE

Other Legal Steroids

If Crazy Bulk does not take your fancy then here are a few others on the market we know provided good results!

2, D Bal Max


Now, D Bal Max is for bulking cycles because it has a lot of bulk ingredients used in the formula!

Would we recommend this?

Yes, D Bal Max is a powerhouse supplement. It boosts performance, gains, and growth in a fast way! But, I experienced some issues relating too, Well, toilet issues! Constipation was the major one for me, while a friend of mine suffered from stomach aches for a few hours after use!

  • Massive gains in Bulk
  • Intense energy
  • Some side effects!

Maybe this legal steroid effects everyone differently! All I can say is it works! I have put this one in second place on our list of steroid alternatives because it works! A few friends of mine still use this product, but I had to move on because of my reasons!

Click Here > My D Bal Max Review

3, Testogen



Cutting & Bulk cycles are both enhanced through improving your testosterone levels! Testogen is a product in a league of its own because it boosts performance, stamina as well as your testosterone levels! After using this supplement, I am happy to tell you that my gym and performance at home was much improved.

  • Improves hormone levels
  • Better stamina and energy

Click Here > My Testogen Review

Final Word

We all want more growth, performance, and endurance! If you feel whey and protein shakes are not making a dent in your success rate, then I recommend you use legal steroids. Although not as potent steroids, they are the next best thing and will not cost you your health!

Let Me Know Your Questions

Have any questions for me? Contact me here, and I will be happy to answer questions you might have! Or do you know of any legal steroids we should try? Maybe you know something we don't?


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