Tribulus Terrestris Is Now Considered To Be Junk For Bodybuilders!

The Tribulus Terrestris Truth

The Tribulus Terrestris Truth

A few years back Tribulus Terrestris was claimed to be all for the bodybuilder! It was considered the next best thing to steroids and featured on every health and fitness magazine known to man! Since becoming the “ultimate in testosterone boosting,” it has fallen from grace to become another addition to the junk pile!

This news article WILL explain why this ingredient carries such a stigma:

Was there ever any real scientific research to back up these claims:

  1. Huge gains in muscle mass
  2. Bost your testosterone levels
  3. Boosts both bulking and cutting cycles

These were the claims being peddled by many in the bodybuilding world! But with new research coming to light declaring TT to be considered harmful for testosterone! Yes, new scientific research reveals participants are losing testosterone!

What Is Tribulus Terrestris?

For all of you who do not know what Tribulus Terrestris is! The plant's frow in hotter climates and the ingredient come from both the root and flowers for supplement recipes.

Found in many Chinese and Indian medical remedies for libido, blood pressure, and inflammation. But, because of these claims and initial research (listed below) companies included it into their supplement formulas. It was then packaged and sold as a “miracle cure” for sufferers of low t-levels and bodybuilders to gain that edge in the gym!

The Clinical Research

At first, there was some research on rats that was thought to have improved their hormone & t-levels. This research started the craze and a multi-million dollar rush for everything Tribulus Terrestris! Supplement manufacturers were making bold claims and telling their customers it improves muscle growth, stamina, and libido.

With the added newspapers, magazines and health shows such as the DR Oz publishing these claims made users go wild for TT! Even we were initially taken in by the Tribulus Terrestris rush but figured out that it did not work as advertised! With many of our readers claiming to have received little or no positives from taking TT!

Tribulus Terrestris initial research on rats!

Tribulus Terrestris initial research on rats!

The Latest Research

Since the publication of the first scientific paper, many well-known researchers set to work on human trials. With a pattern occurring! Not in favor of the claims made by so many supplement companies all over the web.

With this new research, many companies have stopped pushing the claims of the initial investigation because it is not good for business!

Negative Testosterone!

Another worrying issue is that some researchers are claiming it can negatively affect a users testosterone stores. With some blind tests showing results that users are losing testosterone! That's right! After a few weeks of use, some participants had a reduction in overall testosterone levels!

Tribulus Terrestris funked claims

Tribulus Terrestris funked claims

The Researchers

Many researchers are now claiming that TT is not the magical testosterone enhancers initially thought! Some companies have stopped using it in their formulas. But, there are some companies still peddling this ingredient and prioritizing it in their recipes! Maybe they did not get the memo!

Is Tribulus Terrestris Good For ANYTHING?

Our initial guess is, No! Although some research revealed, particitpants experienced a small boost in energy. But again, this could have been the placebo effect commonly encountered by many users! All we know is that TT is dead and buried and shouldn't be taken at face value for anything bodybuilding related!

Tribulus Terrestris cannot help build muscle, improve stamina or give you anything apasrt from an upset stomach if taken over long periods of time!

Our Recommendations

Our recommendation is simple if you see a supplement that has TT as the main ingredients and makes the claims mentioned above we encourage you to avoid it! It's that simple, do not waste your money, time and effort in the gym thinking you're taking something that's going to make your success more of a reality in the near furture!

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