Ultimate List Of Bodybuilding Fails, Techniques and Disasters!

The bodybuilding industry is vast, within the last decade it has grown to new heights! Many of the younger generations want that Hollywood body they see on TV, they put in the time and know there are no shortcuts! But there are some so-called bodybuilders around determined to cheat, fake it and get buff or ripped using some extraordinary techniques!I

I have been lifting for over 17 years now and still love lifting weights, and enjoy the benefits it entails! You cannot improve your body without hard work, sweat, and pain! Its a simple as the saying goes “no pain no gain” which is very accurate when it comes to building muscle and getting ripped!

In this article, I have put together a list of the ultimate bodybuilding fails, listing techniques, disasters, and shortcuts some users are prepared to go!

Full List Of Bodybuilding Fails, Techniques and Disasters

1, The Synthol Implant Craze!

Synthol has to be the worst of the worst; people are pumping a crazy amount of Synthol into their muscle groups. It's creating some weird out of shape disasters. Synthol is nothing new in the bodybuilding world. It was initially used in small amounts to enhance specific muscle groups before shows. I knew users who would put this stuff in particular muscle groups because they were underdeveloped! Or they had problems developing one specific muscle group.

  1. Can Be dangerous and poisonous when overused
  2. You can experience blowouts where your skin will burst open
  3. Looks unrealistic and out of proportion

If you have had an accident and damaged a muscle then using implants/Synthol is an excellent example to use implants! But, outright implants for six-packs, arms and legs is a lazy bodybuilders dream!

2, Banding For Beginners!

Yes, some users are banding muscles before they workout to reduce the blood flow because they believe it gets them bigger muscles. But, they do not seem to realize that as soon as they remove the band! All that trapped blood will be released, and the tissue will go back down to its standard size. Its a technique strippers use when they get their junk out for shows, it keeps it hard and stops it going limp!

  • Reduces muscles from getting oxygen for longer workouts
  • Tempory vascularity and give an impression of bigger muscles
  • Resets when the bands removed, blood flow resets
  • Restricts a lifters blood flow and oxygen for better workouts

3, Skipping Leg Day

Legs are the most significant part of a bodybuilding journey If you pump your legs its scientifically proven other muscle groups will follow at a quicker rate. But, outright skipping leg day is a colossal bodybuilding fail!

It's an amateur mistake that so many lifters are overlooking! Being in proportion makes your body look so much better! I can understand that some people have genetically thinner legs, but hard work and pain will make them grow. Short, heavy and painful lifts will get them growing!

  • Looks terrible down the beach or in the gym, unless you wear joggers all day!
  • Building your leg muscle encourages other muscle groups to grow

4, Bad Form

I see this issue all the time down the gym. Generally, the newbies strut over to the weight section load 180 kg and try and lift it. For one its dangerous and can kill you without having a capable spotter! Another total fail is when users try and lift 220 off the floor using their backs and with no belt!

I'm a personal trainer and have to keep an eye out for potential newbies doing this! We have had many accidents, especially in the new year rush because someone feels strong goes straight to the free weights and fails epically!

  • Always have a spotter that knows the hand under and overgrip
  • Lifting with your back will cause permanent back damage
  • Only lift heavy free weights when you have built up experience

5, SARMS, Steroids & Peptides

The use of SARMS, Peptides, and steroids are being used at dangerous levels; it seems to be the new norm for many bodybuilders! Openly available on the web, mixed in bathtubs and featuring very low-quality ingredients. With some newspapers reporting that researchers have found class-A drugs added for more potent formulas!

Here are a few articles I have written about these issues:

  1. Roids and the epidemics in our gyms
  2. SARMS Know the Facts and Dangers

We all know the dangers of steroids, but these SARMS & Peptides are shipped in from countries with no quality control! They are dangerous and can ruin your body. Using any type of steroids, SARMS or Peptides is an epic fail for any bodybuilder to use!

Is There Anything We Missed?

My list of classic bodybuilding fails, techniques and disasters have been revealed! Do you have any more ideas to add to this list? Then we want to hear them! Send us your methods or fails here, and we will add them to this post!

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