Vital Reds Reviews – Healthier You Or Another Multi Vitamin Mix?

Vital Reds

Vital Reds

Overall Effectiveness

4.0 /10

Side Effects

6.9 /10


7.1 /10

User Opinion

4.3 /10


  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Good Feedback


  • Only Available Online
  • Little Expensive
  • Minor Side Effects

Vital Reds is the kind of nutritional boosting supplement that captures the attention of people who are looking to lose weight and stay healthy. Formulated to work as a simple nutritional supplement, Vital Reds is quickly becoming a well-known brand that attracts a wide variety of users.

Offering a natural source of energy and a metabolic improvement that is claimed to ensure you feel great and at the same time lose weight. But with such a wide range of claims made by the creator Gundry MD, Is Vital Reds a serious solution or another overhyped food supplement?

In this review of the Vital Reds formula, we will be analyzing and revealing to you if we believe this product is up to standards and a viable alternative to other leading brands on the market!

About Vital Reds

Vital Reds is seen by many as a simple and easy to use the quick fix. With the rapid pace of life today, it’s very easy to spend your spare time eating fast and convenient meals.

While simple to work with, they tend to mean that our bodies lack nutritional quality in the simplest of styles. With Vital Reds, people can help to fill in the blanks of their nutritional profile to help make sure that you are getting the kind of help that you need to start feeling sharper and healthier once again, making it easier to feel your best.

This is a product that has got a very positive name since all it takes is one simple powder drink per day. It’s supposed to show massive results after just 2-3 weeks, too, so many people are drawn in by a vitamin program that is supposed to help with everything from boosting energy levels to making it easier for your food to break down and digest the kind of food that you are eating.

It can also help you to maintain and manage cholesterol levels, apparently, meaning that you can manage body shape and fat levels across your entire body. Is this true, though?

What Do Vital Reds Claim To Achieve?

Here is the list of benefits you may receive if you decide to pick up a tub of Vital Reds:

  1. Enhances your levels of NATURAL energy
  2. A better digestive system that enhances metabolism
  3. Improves your skin for a better healthier look
  4. Better bowel movements and overall healthier digestive system
  5. Helps your body have the ability to lose weight

Are Vital Reds for Real?

The fact that it’s loaded with ingredients from Thiamin and Riboflavin to Pantothenic Acid means that many people are more than happy to believe in the remarkable brand. It’s the kind of solution that gives your body a nice blend of ingredients, with a Polyphenol Blend included that gives you everything from the benefits of grape skin to watermelon and pomegranate.

It’s a masterstroke for those who want to get lots of the benefits of various fruits into the system without having to actually find space in your budget or your eating habits to consume them all.

However, the problem with Vital Reds is that despite everything from being very positive and healthy for your digestive system. None of the ingredient used in this formula can provide clinical evidence for the claims made! For example, it cannot provide any genuine benefits to the body as it lacks clinical evidence, so what makes it anything more than a multivitamin?

Selenium is one of the few ingredients found in this formula we can say is powerful enough to reduce a users cholesterol levels. Everything else? it’s hard to say how effective they are, or even if they are effective to the body in the volumes used in this formula.

Customer Approval for Vital Reds

Customer approval tends to be pretty good with many positive and in-depth testimonials. One of the main positives was that among the many users (and yes, there are MANY reviews out there) found it had no negative effects. We always look hard to find complaints concerning negative effects and could not find a single one!

The only ingredient in the Vital Reds formula that could cause any adverse effects is niacin, but even then it would be a mild discomfort in the stomach that will pass.

The good thing is, too, that looking around tells you that most customers are happy with the investment that they have made when they picked up Vital Reds. Not only has this seen a decent amount of positive feedback across the web, with many 5-star reviews to be found on authority sources, there is very little that can be found about this product is negative or dangerous.

The product itself is developed by a man known as Dr. Steven Gundry MD, who has several products on the market with positive reviews that are listed on his website. He’s not some quack, either: Gundry is a trusted medical expert! Therefore, customer approval of both the developer, Vital Reds and his associated products all appear to be pretty positive.

Final Review Of Vital Reds

While the lack of clinical evidence is a little concerning. Many people reveal that they have noticed major improvements in their health and appearance when using Vital Reds.

As such, it would be hard to say that this is a product that you should outright avoid. Given its relatively fair pricing for a months supply, it might be worth considering Mr. Gundry’s natural formula a chance.

His products have, in the past, been shown positive and much genuine health benefit! More tests are needed, but Vital Reds certainly has more to it than most dietary supplements on the market to date!

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