Vitapulse Review – Clinical Research, Effectiveness And User Feedback!



Overall Effectiveness

6.0 /10

Side Effects

6.0 /10


4.5 /10


  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Positive Feedback


  • Little Expensive
  • Only Available Online
  • Side Effects

Are you trying to find a health supplement that you can believe in, trust and receive real health benefits from? Then you should take the time to look at our VitaPulse review. This is a health supplement that receives lots of positive reviews and seen by many as a combination of needed vitamins and nutrition that our bodies need to operate to their maximum potential.

With powerful antioxidants loaded into every bottle, VitaPulse claims to be the solution for a healthier heart while supporting cellular energy levels. But, does this supplement really live up to all the hype? We will be revealing to you all you need to know about this feel-good supplements from ingredients and clinical evidence to user reviews and side effects.

About VitaPulse

VitaPulse is a product that has gained a reputation by offering a range of advanced antioxidant support using natural ingredients. By managing to improve and maintain a healthy level of cardiovascular function and at the same time reducing your cholesterol levels to fight cellular decay. which is a major factor in combating and reducing heart disease, which is one of the biggest killers in the modern world.


  • effects – Various health benefits
  • Sales History – 5+ years
  • Ingredient Types – Natural ingredients
  • Side Effects – None reported
  • Customer Opinion – 65% positive
  • Money Back Guarantee – 60 days
  • Price Range – $49.00
  • Available For Delivery – International delivery


The Formula

By using just 3 ingredients, Vitapulse doesn’t overload your body with excessive fillers to make it sound more than it is. It uses a basic formula that consists of CoQ10, PQQ, and NAC, which are three of the most powerful antioxidants available to buy on the market.

With just one capsule per day and no reported side effects associated with its use, Vitapulse might just be one of the better vitamin programs on the market. It’s a safe and healthy product, one that you can take to help improve your quality of life and maybe even reduce your chances of developing a fatal heart disease.

Clinical Research…

The fact that Vitapulse just three clinically proven ingredients is a good start. So many supplements decide to throw small amounts of everything into the tub and hope for the best!

Vitapulse also uses the right volumes of ingredients to help make sure your body can take in the right volume of each.

The ingredients all work to give you a whole host of solutions and benefits. For example, AC is an amino acid derivative that works as a building block for your protein. A powerful antioxidant, many believe can even have anti-cancer effects. But not clinically proven!

PQQ is a chemical compound that helps to deal with the areas that lead to heart attacks, but no real evidence at present this ingredient can help to reduce heart damage or prevent attacks.

Another problem is CoQ10, one of the main three ingredients, contested by experts about just how effective it actually is! The lack of clinical evidence about this ingredient adds a touch of doubt about just how tested this ingredient is.

Customer Opinions on VitaPulse

Created by Princeton Nutrients LLC, which has nothing to do with the prestigious university and merely uses the same prefix. At the moment, the company is rated as an A- rating on the Better Business Bureau, which is always a good starting point. With just 5 closed complaints, it’s not the worst start. However, the complaints are all about having no effective results or dealing with over-hyped advertising claims.

However, customer approval ratings, on the whole, are far more positive. Many users have noticed better levels of energy, a reduction in aches and pains and their cholesterol levels.

User Testimonials

Very pleased with the results, I began taking Vitapulse last year and have never looked back. I can also confirm that cholesterol was down compared to my last check up. Mary from WS.

Comes highly recommended from me and my husband. We love to get out and about and feel that Vitapulse improved improved our health and energy levels. Mandy from TX.

Final Review Of Vitapulse

Overall, it’s hard to say. There are lots of positive points concerning VitaPulse, but these should also be accompanied by a cautionary notice. This is a product that could play a helpful role in improving the quality of your heart and cholesterol levels. However, many scientific and medical pieces published on these three ingredients dispute the claims made.

Feedback is generally positive, despite the market being absolutely loaded with scam products, it would appear that VitaPulse is genuine. As ever, consult a medical professional before taking this product, especially if you suffer from any medical issue.

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