Winsol Review – Winstrol Alternative Created By Crazy Bulk – Does It Work?

Winsol is the much safer alternative to the dangerous steroid Winstrol, by Crazy Bulk the creator of this cutting supplement. Read this Winsol review and discover how this supplement can increase your strength, define muscle, reduce fat stores and increase performance with increased energy levels and endurance.

Want the Winsol facts?

Like many cutting/fat burning supplements it boils down to the ingredients used! This review of Winsol will do exactly that, investigate the ingredients, health concerns, and user testimonials. This will determine if we believe the Winsol agent by Crazy Bulk is going to make a difference in your workout rate and overall results!

Winsol Review Tub

What is Winsol and does it work?

Winsol by (Crazy Bulk) is claimed to be safe as well as an effective alternative to the steroid Stanozolol AKA Winstrol. It naturally brings about an anabolic type state that helps boost your body’s metabolism. Its key benefit is its ability to drain the excess water from your body thereby exposing definition!

According to Crazy Bulk, the product manufacturers, as well as some users, this is the best supplement you can bank on to give you competition-ready abs. The beauty of this supplement is that it achieves all this while retaining lean muscle in your body.

  • Reduce water retention
  • Improve stamina for longer reps
  • A heightened metabolic rate for better cuts

Winsol also helps increase your strength and endurance. Not only is it used by bodybuilders but also for sports persons and athletes who are wanting to improve stamina and speed. Winsol is perfect for cutting cycles and will give you noticeable results in just a matter of weeks.

Winsol Ratings, Official Store and History

  • Effects – Cutting
  • Sales History – 6+ years
  • Ingredient Types – Natural
  • Side Effects – Loose stools
  • Customer Opinion – 71% positive
  • Money Back Guarantee – 30 days
  • Price Range – $32.00 – 39.99
  • Available For Delivery – International
  • Official Website – CLICK HERE

What are the ingredients?

Winsol Ingredients

Created from natural plant ingredients and various extracts mean that Winsol is devoid of any dangerous effects that compared to its close cousin, Winstrol. These include very potent ingredients such as:

  • DMAE – a Natural hormone that increases and defines muscle mass
  • BCAA – Amino acid that keeps muscle intact and reduces fat for cutting
  • Korean Ginseng – Increases your strength, performance, and stamina
  • Wild Yam Root – Reduces levels of estrogen and helps with sexual drive
  • Safflower – Widens blood vessels and improves circulation helping to supply nutrients


known side effects?

According to the numerous reviews and feedback from our customers, the Winsol supplement has a few minor side effects, they are:

  2. Stomach aches, mild cramps, these are only present in the first few days

Around 5/6% of users have reported these stomach issues, although nothing life-threatening, potential users should be aware! If you are taking a course of antibiotic or regularly take any type of medication then avoid using until you can confirm it is safe by visiting your doctor!

Does it have pros?

  • Since it is made purely using natural ingredients, the product is generally very safe.
  • It does not contain toxins that can damage the kidneys or the liver.
  • Melts away the fat and at the same time maintains the lean muscle.
  • It is administered orally and you do not need any needles or injections.
  • It enables you to get ready abs and better definition
  • Great for cutting cycles & can be used for general weight loss
  • Gain Results in a short time, e.g., two-three weeks


It can only be purchased from the website of the manufacturer and not on the high street. Since it's in huge demand, there have been times when Crazy Bulk have suffered shortages, and customers were not able to order Winsol.

  • Do not use this product for more than 2 months.

Always purchase from the official website, there have been many users reporting it for sale on marketplaces such as eBay & Amazon. These are not the official formulas and consist of inferior ingredients that may cause you harm!

User reviews

In all fairness, Winsol has has received a lot of positives from user reviews. This high rate of feedback just shows that the product has been welcomed by the vast majority of bodybuilders and athletes. This review perhaps summarizes it all:
Ryan Paul, Oswego.

I took the supplement for 8 weeks and stacked using Testo-Max & Clenbutrol. Combining these three, I moved from 185 lbs to about 196 lbs. At the same time, my body fat dropped from 15% to 12.5%. I did this taking my off days of 10 days. I recommend this stack for anybody looking to cut quick: Aswold, Florida.

Winsol Pill Example

Winsol Pill Example

Final review

Winsol appears to be an essential bodybuilding supplement if the rave reviews seen are anything to go by! Users claim that this cutting supplement allowed them to gain lean muscle at a faster pace and encouraged their bodies to burn fat.

In addition, the product is also safe and perfectly legal. It is the ultimate alternative to the anabolic steroids. We have been continuously using it for our cutting cycles because it works, although not as good as steroids, but it does seem to be the next best thing!

If you are wanting to cut or just shed some weight then Winsol should be on your shopping list for when you have finished bulking and wanting to cut that mass!

How long should I take Winsol?

Users are advised to consume this product for no more than 2 months. This is because the ingredients in the formula can cause stomach aches over time. Although it's safe to use for no more than 2 months, users have reported side effects after continued use.

What would you recommend to stack with Winsol?

Personally we would advise you to stack Testo-Max and Clenbutrol. We found all three supplements worked well together and encouraged a much better cutting cycle.

I want to lose weight and not build muscle, is Winsol a good fat burner?

Yes, just because you are not building muscle does not mean Winsol will not work for you. It offers some great fat burning ingredients and will work just as good as the leading fat burners on the market!

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